Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Singhanias and Goenkas to face a crisis

Yeh Rishta: Goenka versus Goenka; KaiRa process the division

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Singhanias and Goenkas to face a crisis… The marriage of Kartik and Naira, is Naira’s hearty wish. Kartik wants to fulfill her wish. Singhanias and Goenkas help Kartik in fulfilling the promise given to Naira. Naira is battling for her life, and moreover her memory. She is afraid that she will forget Kartik. They love each other a lot and want to marry. Kartik has done beautiful arrangements. Naira likes his efforts and thanks him. The family members become the baraatis. The mischief goes on. Naksh and Manish’s Naagin dance becomes the star performance. Kartik also shows his tashan and performs with them. Kirti and Suwarna’s amazing traditional performances also entertain everyone. Goenkas bring happiness in the sorrowful moments. They want to please everyone, so that they all support each other. They all portray sweet relationships.

Naira gets encouraged seeing them dancing. She doesn’t stop herself from dancing. The family is happy for Kaira marriage and is upset for Naira’s illness. Their mixed dilemmas goes on. Kartik and Naira pretend to be happy, but they both are stressed and sorrowful within.

Kartik and Naira add tashan to their marriage. Kartik gets the baraat and dances with everyone. Naira also makes a rocking entry in the special entry. Naksh gets Naira on the bullet bike. Naira shows her swag.

Manish and Suwarna do Naira’s Kanyadaan, and assure Naitik that they will always support Naira as their daughter. Kartik and Naira relive their marriage moments. The family tries hard to fulfill all the rasams. There is happiness, and also sorrow. Naira hides her real condition from them. The marriage rasams starts with Varmala. Suwarna does Naira’s Kanyadaan like her mother, and fulfills Akshara’s place. Kartik lifts Naira and takes the wedding rounds with her.

Naira pretends that she doesn’t know her critical state. Kartik also knows this and pretends that he doesn’t know anything about her worsening state. Their true love is evident. They smile for each other, and cry within. They both have fear that their relation may break after the surgery. Naira wants to live as Kartik’s wife. Because of the ongoing medical strike, the doctors get helpless to support the doctors’ association. Naira’s doctor fears that he maybe not allowed to carry ahead the much needed surgery. He also prays and leaves everything to God.

Naira’s state gets more critical. Once the wedding rounds complete, Naira faints in his arms. The family gets a big shock when Naira gets unconscious. Manish and Akhilesh learn that the surgeon isn’t going to come on time. Manish gets some doctors and medical staff for Naira, so that they can face the emergencies. They struggle to arrange the surgeon, so that the surgery happens on time. Everyone gets panicking to face the crisis of no medical team available for Naira’s surgery. Singhanias and Goenkas await the miracle so that their Naira gets saved and doesn’t lose her memory.


  1. the viewers are waiting for Naira’s surgery and early recovery, but the story again moving in an unexpected manner. now they have come up with Doctor’s strike and the doctors are not available for surgery. the family members are worried for naira’s well being.

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