Main Maayke Chale Jaungi: Satya creates a ruckus over Jaya’s illness

Main Maayke Chale Jaungi New entry in Samar-Jaya's tale

Jaya keeps the fast for Samar, and faints. She falls much sick. Satya creates a big drama in the hospital. She gets the contract papers and shows it to Rama. She scolds Rama and her family. Jaya gets ill. Satya blames Rama for Jaya’s illness. Rama is innocent. She didn’t do anything. Satya can’t bear her daughter’s pain. Satya taunts that Rama can never become Jaya’s mum. Rama and Samar stay worried for Jaya. Satya doesn’t let them meet Jaya in the hospital. Nurse gets the consent form and asks Samar to sign. Satya takes the rights away from him. She tells nurse that she is Jaya’s mother.

She signs the form. Doctor tells them about Jaya’s condition. Jaya has no idea about the contract. Satya asked Rama not to make Jaya fast, since her health isn’t well. Jaya explains Satya that she is fine and had to keep the fast for Samar all by her heart.

They have an emotional moment. Jaya has much belief in her mother. She explains her love for Samar. She tells Satya that Samar can never hurt her intentionally. Samar feels sorry to not care for Jaya before. He reads the contract made by Satya and gets hurt. Satya thinks Samar can’t take care of Jaya like she can. Satya and Samar have a misunderstanding. They both equally care for Jaya. Satya reads out the contract terms again and makes Samar understand it this time.


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