Ishqbaaz: Shivay to witness division of Oberoi Family

Ishqbaaz Shivay returns to solve the murder mystery

Ishqbaaz: Shivay to witness division of Oberoi Family… Anika talks to Shivay and tries to calm his pain. She has been his only strength while he served the five year term. She gets happy that he is coming home with her. He tells her that he has no home. She tells him that Oberoi family belongs to him. He doesn’t think that anyone in the family loves him. He fears of his brothers’ rejection. She asks him to forget everything. He doesn’t think Dadi, Jhanvi and his brothers can forget Tej’s death and forgive him. She asks him to face the family, without whom he can’t live. He feels he really deserves the punishment for killing Tej. She tells him that he has already faced the punishment, and need not punish himself more. She feels he can’t return with ease, but he has to be strong. She motivates him to join back the family, promising that she will always be with him to counter the obstacles. They together makes wishes in the church.

Anika asks him to come with her. He finally gives in. The media troubles Shivay with their untimely questions. Anika finds Shivay getting troubled. She encourages him and asks him to answer the media. He turns speechless. The reporters make fun of Shivay. Anika takes a class of the media and shuts them up. Pandits argue over the puja. Omkara learns that Anika is also performing the puja. He asks his pandit to do the puja for his company contract. Anika gets Shivay home, which shocks the family. Anika expects everyone to accept Shivay.

Omkara and Rudra see their father’s murderer in Shivay, and insult him. They make sure that they keep Shivay away from themselves. They don’t want Shivay to ruin their family again. They reprimand Shivay and break his heart. Rudra wants to hurt Shivay more. Dadi tells Anika that they are hurt to see Tej’s murderer at home. Anika tells them that she has got Shivay home. Dadi asks Shivay to leave. Omkara and Rudra also ask Shivay to get away from their sight. Shivay faces their hatred. Anika doesn’t let Shivay go. Oberois divide the house, shocking Shivay.



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