Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Rohan-Aaliya’s marriage twist next

YHM: Aaliya makes an unexpected move

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Rohan-Aaliya’s marriage twist next.. After the mad drama of Rohan attacking Raman to kill, it gets revealed that the attack was just made to scare Raman so that he can get rid of his mental let down. Raman fights with all the pull backs and gets on his feet to save Ishita and his life. Aaliya gets impressed with Rohan. Ishita tells them that Rohan could never do such a thing, and she knew everything. She has much belief in Rohan. Aaliya follows Ishita’s belief and tells them that she will like to meet Rohan again. Navratri brings happiness in the family. They invite Rohan and Karan home. Aaliya surprises Rohan by proposing him for marriage. Everyone gets too joyed. Aaliya tells him that he is the perfect life partner for her, since she has decided to settle down again. Rohan happily accepts the proposal.

Mrs. Bhalla suggests that they keep the Roka soon. Aaliya and Rohan’s Roka takes place. Happiness returns in Bhalla family. Raman tells Aaliya that now that he is back on his feet, he will do his Kanyadaan, just like he promised Ruhi before. He also gets a belief in Rohan. Rohan comes home to pick Aaliya for shopping.

Raman jokingly scolds him and becomes a strict father-in-law. He asks Rohan doesn’t he have any shame to come to pick Aaliya, when Roka happened last day. He asks if Rohan took his permission before planning the day out. Rohan gets worried and apologizes to Raman. Ruhi and Aaliya laugh seeing them. They tell Rohan that Raman is just joking. Raman asks Rohan and Aaliya go and enjoy their shopping. Raman and Ishita plan Aaliya’s marriage after Navratri. Meanwhile, Sudha doesn’t want Bhallas to stay happy. She learns about Aaliya’s Roka and Bhallas’ celebrations. She wants to take revenge for Rajat’s death. She determines to break Aaliya and Rohan’s marriage.

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