Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar plans a surprise for Tevar-Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar plans a surprise for Tevar-Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar plans a surprise for Tevar-Kulfi.. Tevar tells Sikandar that he just wants Kulfi’s happiness. He is ready to forget Lovely’s cheat. He is happy that Kulfi is his only child, the sign of his first true love. Sikandar feels sorry that he is also cheating Tevar. He gets in a dilemma. He doesn’t know how to tell the truth to Tevar. He doesn’t think he can explain these complicated relations to Amyra. Lovely prays that Sikandar doesn’t reveal the truth to Tevar. Tevar opens up his heart for Sikandar. He tells Sikandar that Kulfi has made the family drawing, and also made the relations by heart. He tells him that true relations are made by heart than blood line. Sikandar also loves Amyra a lot. He feels Tevar also loves Kulfi a lot. He decides to accept Tevar as Kulfi’s father.

Mohendar gets angry on Lovely for cheating them again and again. He tells her that he doesn’t know about Sikandar. She tries to know what is Sikandar up to. He asks her why did she not tell them about Amyra. She asks him if he will choose Kulfi over Amyra now. He tells her that he always relations of heart. He answers her. Lovely stays tensed. He tells her that Sikandar has raised Amyra as his own daughter, and now she is his daughter. Sikandar decides to keep the facts the same, as it is.

He accepts Tevar’s friendship. Tevar wants to assure him that their daughters will always be safe from all the problems. Tevar makes Sikandar promise that he will always take care of Amyra. Kulfi comes up with a problem to them. She tells them that she wants to study.

They realize that they didn’t think of this before, and promise her that they will get her school admission done. Kulfi gets happy with their friendship. She sings and dances with them.

Mohendar tells Lovely that Amyra will always be with Sikandar. She thanks him and asks him not to reveal the truth to other family members. Mohendar agrees to her. Sikandar and Tevar spend some good time, and celebrate with drinks. Sikandar tells him that Kulfi will scold them if she sees them drinking. They both get drunk and come home singing. They face Kulfi at the gate and hide the alcohol bottle from her. She catches them drinking and scolds them. She takes their class and reprimands them with love. She gets upset with them. Sikandar and Tevar try to cheer her up. Sikandar invites Tevar and Kulfi home. He doesn’t want Tevar and Amyra to be away. He tells Lovely that it will be wrong if he keeps Tevar separated from Amyra.

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