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Kundali Bhagya:
Karan catches Monisha red-handed. She gets drunk. He asks her to confess about her boyfriend, who gifted her the ring. She tells him that she is engaged to her boyfriend. While finding Monisha’s truth, Preeta and gang comes across Prithvi and Sherlyn’s relation’s truth. Prithvi acts smart and tries to cover up the affair again.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
There is a big family drama when Gauri’s affair news out. Deepak raises hand on Gauri, knowing about her affair. Sahil stops Deepak. Vedika realizes Nisha is doing everything to create chaos in the house. Vedika also confronts Gauri and Manish. She saves Gauri from Badi Amma’s wrath.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Tara hits Aarohi. Tara and Virat want to kill Aarohi. Kashyap becomes a savior for Aarohi. He takes her to his house and asks her to stay comfortable. She thanks him for all the help. Aarohi lives in fear. Tara reaches Aarohi once again and breaks Aarohi’s sleep.

Kaleerein: Meera repeats all the incidents, to revive Vivaan’s guilt. She wants him to admit the truth of killing Paromita. Vivaan gets worried and goes to explain Meera. She scolds him for hurting Paromita. He tells her that he didn’t hurt Paromita, he can never imagine of hurting anyone. She has learnt the truth, and can’t handle it. She doesn’t believe Vivaan’s clarification. She has got all the visions and asks Vivaan to just confess his crimes.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Vikrant and Geeta are planning against Rithvik. Palak and Sethi try to find Vikrant’s secret. Vikram fails to catch the girls. Vikrant can’t see the girls hiding. He doesn’t want anyone to come between his plans. Vikrant is also getting married. He plots with Geeta. Palak is planning Vikrant’s wedding. He gives the wedding invitation card. Rishabh gets angry on Rithvik for the petty tasks. Vikrant enjoys Rithvik’s insult.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:
Sikandar and Tevar decide to raise their daughters together and happily. They start bonding well and share their activity plans. Sikandar breaks his swear and gets Kulfi home, so that he can give her happiness. He doesn’t want to hurt Kulfi by keeping her away from his family. He knows how much she loves everyone. He apologizes to Kulfi and Tevar, and welcomes them home. Kulfi spends good time with Sikandar and his family. Sikandar feels overjoyed since Amyra isn’t jealous of Kulfi now. Lovely gets afraid seeing Sikandar with Kulfi, and Tevar with Amyra. She fears that Sikandar and Tevar will know the real truths of their daughters. She then separates Tevar and Amyra. She sends Kulfi to Tevar. Sikandar understands Lovely’s insecurity. He is still unaware of Kulfi and his relation.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah:
Jethalal becomes a chaat vendor and sells panipuris. He covers his face with the cloth. He makes a scheme to attract customers to his stall. He sells many tasty panipuris. He serves the customer’s demands. A customer identifies him and asks why is he selling panipuri when he owns the electronics shop. Iyer and Babita see Jethalal working at the stall. They wonder why is he selling panipuris. Jethalal does this to boost his shop business by giving free coupons of chaat stall.

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai:
Ilaychi’s marriage gets fixed. This makes her worried. She doesn’t want to marry the band guy Vijendra. Pancham gets into an argument with Vijendra. Banwari acts as Murari, and tells Pancham that he has called Vijendra home. Vijendra says I m going to get baraat home, you should welcome me well. Pancham scolds him. Ilaychi asks Vijendra to get lost. Banwari asks Ilaychi to respect her would be husband Vijendra. He gets sweets from Vijendra.

Pancham and Ilaychi isn’t happy, and try to stop the marriage. Ilaychi also keeps a condition, and then agrees for the marriage. Banwari says the marriage will happen tomorrow. Ilaychi tricks them and asks Banwari to sing the childhood song for her. Banwari doesn’t remember the song and asks her to hear the song from Vijendra. Ilaychi asks Banwari if he won’t sing for his daughter. Banwari sings the song, but fails She gets suspicious about him. She takes his signatures to know if he isn’t her dad. She finds his behavior wrong. She doesn’t want to marry Vijendra. She is much confused. Pancham wants to find Banwari’s secret. The mystery gets intensified. Banwari tries his best to fool them. Banwari’s truth will be out soon. Ilaychi and Pancham will find out his truth, and also find ways to get Murari back.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai and Aadhya get disturbed. Jai is upset knowing about her online identity. Jai slaps his friend, who teases her. Aadhya and Shubhankar have an emotional moment. He asks her about the marriage decision. She pretends to be happy. He understands that she is hiding her real feelings. He tells her a sweet story and cheers her up. Jai can’t believe that Aadhya is her internet friend. He regards her as enemy. He can’t accept her as friend. Roopa asks Jai not to believe dual faced Aadhya. Jai feels his mum is right about Aadhya. Jai gets into mixed dilemmas. Roopa pacifies Jai.

Harman used to love Soumya a lot and also accepted the truth of her identity that she is a kinner. After losing his memory, his thinking changes completely. He expresses his hatred towards kinners. He insults the kinners and ousts them from the house. Harak gets happy that Harman doesn’t remember his love for Soumya. He is sure that even if Soumya returns in her life, the kinner truth won’t let Harman accept her back.

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