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Tonight On Star Plus… Ishqbaaz: Shivay unknowingly hurts Anika. He stays troubled by the bitter past. Anika doesn’t feel hurt and feels sympathy for Shivay. Shivay asks Anika to stay away from him, if she wants to be fine. He goes out to get some peace. He comes across drunken Priyanka, and gets a huge shock by her hatred. Priyanka loses herself because of her hatred. Her strange behavior breaks down Shivay. Priyanka scolds Shivay for ruining everything in their family. She calls Shivay a murderer. Omkara consoles Priyanka and takes her. Shivay doesn’t feel like staying at home. Anika finds him in pain. She supports him unconditionally. She wants to be with Shivay under any circumstances. Omkara questions Gauri regarding the phone call. Rudra too questions Bhavya about the late night call. Gauri and Bhavya secretly meet Anika and try to find some way to bring Obros together. Anika thanks them for the support.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Twists lined in Picnic surprise… Lovely gets tension seeing Tevar-Amyra’s bonding, and Sikandar-Kulfi’s bonding. She doesn’t want Sikandar and Tevar to know their daughters’ birth truth. The girls enjoy their time with their fathers and fall asleep. Sikandar tells Tevar that Kulfi can return to his house in morning. Tevar tells him that he can’t leave Kulfi here. Sikandar asks Tevar to stay back with Kulfi. Sikandar and Tevar share a friendly bond, which worries Lovely. She becomes speechless. Sikandar and Tevar have a talk over a cup of coffee. They feel they have the same reason for friendship, their daughters. Tevar tells Sikandar that Lovely would have turned them into enemies, her lie can’t be forgiven. Sikandar and Tevar plan a picnic for their daughters and surprise them.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Aaliya-Rohan’s Roka calls for celebrations.. Everyone meets for Navratri celebrations and Aaliya-Rohan’s Roka. Mani and Shagun happily bless Aaliya. Mani and Raman regard Aaliya as their own daughter. They both want Rohan to keep Aaliya happy. Shagun helps Aaliya get decked up. Raman asks Aaliya to be happy since she has given her consent. Aaliya feels like not living up to Rohan’s expectations. Raman asks her not to feel tensed and forget the past. He asks Aaliya to feel lucky that she got a good life partner, not everyone gets second chance. He asks Aaliya to trust and respect Rohan, and then maybe love will happen. He gives hope to Aaliya and asks her to just be true in the relation. Shagun also shares her love story forming with Mani post their marriage. She also hopes that Rohan will win Aaliya’s heart soon. Aaliya gets happy for everyone’s sake.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna learns about Lali’s worsening health. She had earlier insisted Gajanan to take Lali for complete body checkup. Gajanan fails to help Lali because of the work burden put on by Shukla. Shukla makes his family work hard to please the minister, so that they get the business contracts. Shukla gets angered on seeing Krishna in the pandal. She comes uninvited to meet the family, which irks Radhe as well. Radhe doesn’t want Krishna to return in his life. Shukla warns Krishna, but gets compelled to make her perform the aarti with Radhe.

Krishna strikes a deal with Shukla, and asks him to send Lali for the medical check up and necessary treatment. She doesn’t want Lali to work like an animal in Shukla house. She wishes someone attends Lali and cures her illness. Radhe gets raging on Krishna for playing with his emotions. Radhe asks her to yearn for him now, since he will not come after her. He challenges to forget her. Radhe’s bitterness breaks her heart.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Anurag and Prerna give a new test for their families. They got behind bars for the sake of their friends. Their families get into a fight on learning about their arrest. Mohini gets too worried for Anurag, who is her weakness. She gets arguing with Prerna’s family. She insults Prerna on meeting her in the police station. She also insults Prerna’s family, which upsets Moloy. Mohini uses her contacts, but fails to get Anurag bailed out. She learns about the case going fast track in the court. She tries to hire the best lawyer. The lawyer tells Mohini that Anurag can’t be released from the kidnapping charges.

Mohini feels Prerna is unlucky for them, and everything is happening because of her. Moloy provokes her for ending Prerna and Navin’s alliance. She agrees to this and also declares the decision to Navin. Navin is left with no option than to convince Mohini. He meets Prerna in the police station and assures to help. Anurag finds Navin and Prerna’s relation strange and compels her to say the truth. Prerna doesn’t reveal anything and just wants to help her family. Mohini fumes over Prerna. She doesn’t want Prerna to come in to their lives. Anurag attempts to share Prerna’s problems. Prerna doesn’t trust Anurag. She feels Anurag can’t help her family, she herself has to make a sacrifice of her life by marrying Navin. Anurag pities Prerna.

Yeh Rishta: Destiny’s hidden signs give jitters to Dadi… Kartik and Naira’s lives proceed on a good pace. Singhanias take care of Naira till she recovers completely. Naira gets happy and enjoys her family time. She waits for Kartik. She gets happy that Navratri days commenced, as her bidaai is fixed on the first day. Everyone gets happy for Naira’s new start. She wishes Kartik comes to pick her soon. Kartik blushes with the thought that he will go to pick Naira. He waits for the mahurat. Manish pulls his leg and asks him to enjoy his wait. Manish and Suwarna ask Kartik to keep himself engaged till they go to get Naira home.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mariam is seen as a grown up after few years leap. She still talks innocently and goes to the Gurudwara to make prayers for her life. Mariam misses her family. Biji raises Mariam with love and gives her a new identity of Manjeet. She earns a living for herself and Mariam. Biji and Mariam miss Majaaz and recollect the day when Majaaz parted with them. They undergo sorrow and can’t forget the past. Biji wants Mariam to move on in life. Mariam meets Fawad for the first time in an odd situation. She gets clues about Majaaz and gets emotional. She wishes to find information about Majaaz. She gets encouraged to reach her dad and get all her answers.

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