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Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Hina Khan’s entry as Komolika will be seen. Komolika passes by Anurag and Prerna and overhears their discussion around love. Komolika catches everyone’s attention by her attitude and fashionable avatar. She makes everyone turn around to catch a glimpse of her. Anurag and Prerna also get to see her, and wonder why are people so crazy for her. Prerna’s dupatta gets stuck in Anurag’s watch. Komolika parts them away by freeing the dupatta. She gets in between them and separates them. Komolika doesn’t agree with Prerna’s high belief in love. She feels love is a waste of time, and no sensible person should fall in love. Komolika’s take on love and relationships will be seen.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika threatens Nisha that she will bring her truth out. She falls in Nisha’s illusions again and again. Nisha is troubling the entire family. She wants revenge from Vedika and Badi Amma as well. She gives a shock to Vedika. She exposes her powers to Vedika. She tells Vedika that she will always stop her from revealing her secrets to family. She fails Vedika’s attempt to tell truth to Sahil.

Ishqbaaz: Obros’ separation to call on big twists… Omkara and Rudra break Shivay’s heart by snatching everything from him. This makes Shivay more depressed. He can’t believe that his brothers hate him so much. He leaves from the house and goes to some park to relax his mind. Anika gets worried on finding his missing and finds him everywhere. Omkara and Rudra have ended their relation with Anika as well. They don’t let Anika cross the line and come over to their house area. Bhavya feels bad for Anika. Anika goes out of the house and finally spots Shivay. Anika and Gauri meet Shivay, and ask him to give some time to Omkara and Rudra.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Ruksar provokes Zara for justice. She tells everyone that Kabeer has done wrong with her. Zara decides to take Khula from Kabeer. Everyone gets upset with Zara. Kabeer explains everyone that Zara is doing everything for him. He defends Zara. He finds Zara praying in her room. He waits for her to finish her prayers. He gets day dreaming of her. Kabeer and Zara hug and have an emotional moment. He doesn’t want anyone to get annoyed with Zara. Ruksar is troubling the family. Ruksar is sure that Zara will herself ruin her marriage. Ruksar awaits the day when Kabeer accepts her as wife.

Krishna Chali London:
Lali invites Krishna home. Krishna learns minister is coming home for Aarti. She keeps Shukla family respect and reaches home to do the aarti with Radhe. Shukla tolerates Krishna until Navratri ends. Krishna and Radhe are asked to stay together for nine days of Navratri. Krishna keeps Lali’s request. Lali hopes Krishna and Radhe’s relation will change. Krishna and Radhe’s love story gets a new twist. Radhe meets Krishna and apologizes to her. He tells her that he has realized that love is bigger than ego.

They both express love and unite. Krishna really feels the dream close to reality. Shukla breaks her dream by beating up Radhe. Shukla doesn’t want Radhe to patch up with Krishna. Shukla is happy that Krishna is out of the family now. He doesn’t want Krishna to influence Radhe again. Krishna waits for the day when Radhe really keeps his ego aside and reconcile. Radhe wants his relation with Krishna to get fine.

Meera’s misunderstanding about Vivaan gets cleared. She reaches police station. She speaks to the inspector. She learns that Vivaan didn’t murder Paromita. She feels guilty of her doings. She goes to meet Vivaan and apologize to him. Meera finally apologizes to Vivaan and tells him that she hugely regrets to weaken their relation by doubting him. She asks him to forgive her for the sake of their love.


Salim makes a love confession to Anarkali. He tells her that he loves her a lot and wants to make her the queen of his heart. He tells Anarkali that she is not destined to charm the court, she is the light who ended the darkness in his life. He proposes her for marriage. Anarkali gets surprised with his love proposal, but can’t dare to accept it, knowing the big difference between their status. Salim and Anarkali’s love story will begin the destruction of Moghal dynasty.


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