Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita initiates an open war with Sudha

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita faces a shocker

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita initiates an open war with Sudha… Ishita wants Pihu to go school. Pihu refuses to go, and tells Ishita that she wants to attend Aaliya’s functions. Ishita asks Pihu not to miss classes. She doesn’t want Pihu to compromise on studies. Pihu gets adamant and argues with her. Raman tries to convince Pihu. He asks Pihu not to upset Ishita. Raman calls a jeweler and asks him about Ishita’s order of jewelry. He gets confused about Ishita’s decision after knowing the matter from the jeweler. He feels Ishita is hiding some problem from him. Ishita is worried knowing Bhalla industries is getting bankrupt. She joins hands with Romi to solve the mess. She doesn’t want Bhalla family to get ruined.

Raman finds Ishita worried and ask her the matter. Ishita doesn’t want to shock him. She lies to him that she is worried for Aaliya’s marriage arrangements. He asks her not to worry, everything will go fine. She doesn’t want to give any tension to Raman and family. She stays stressed and thinks of possible solutions to save the company. She knows the company is Raman’s dream.

Romi tells her that they can meet investors to save the company. She gets a threatening call from Sudha. She realizes that Sudha is doing this to trouble them. Sudha buys the company shares. Ishita and Romi are trying to save their company and get back the shares from Sudha. A man creates a huge drama in Raman’s office. He threatens to burn himself alive. Raman tries to stop the man. The man warns Raman and tells him that he has got ruined because of Raman. Raman tells him that the loss will be covered, suicide isn’t a solution for anything. Ishita also tries to know the problem. Romi reaches office. He finds the suicide drama going on. He slaps the man and brings him to senses.

He saves the man from committing suicide. Ishita and Sudha get into an open war. Ishita wants to stop Sudha from her revenge. They have a heated argument. Sudha threatens Ishita that she will compel Raman for committing suicide. Ishita tells Sudha that its not easy to break Raman and her. She asks Sudha to do anything she wants, many people like her have come and left from their lives. Ishita tries to slap her. Sudha stops her and asks her not to dare. Ishita tells Sudha that Raman is strong-minded, and won’t get driven by someone else. Ishita doesn’t want to break down in front of evil.

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