Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi to unveil the hidden secret

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi attempts to reach truth

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi to unveil the hidden secret… Sikandar teaches a lesson to the man at the Dhaba. He tells Tevar that he has got this idea from films. Amyra and Kulfi didn’t know Sikandar’s mischievous side. Tevar tells them that he wanted to become an engineer, but became a singer for his lover. He wanted to become a rich man for his lover. Kulfi tells Tevar about her mum. Sikandar fails to hear Nimrat’s name from Kulfi. Tevar feels sorry that he can’t tell Lovely’s truth to Kulfi. Sikandar also feels sorry to hide truth from Tevar and Kulfi. He asks them not to talk about mothers on the picnic, since they have to enjoy with their fathers. Lovely reaches the Dhaba to know about Sikandar and Tevar. She reaches late there. She gets stuck and pays the bill to the Dhaba owner. She demands to know about Sikandar.

She follows Sikandar. She is upset with Sikandar and Tevar’s friendship. Sikandar asks the girls to play. Amyra and Kulfi play Frisbee. Sikandar doesn’t let Kulfi get hurt. They make a team and play against Tevar and Amyra. They enjoy their quality time. Lovely sees Sikandar and Tevar cooking food for the girls. She gets upset that Sikandar is avoiding her. She wonders why isn’t Sikandar jealous of her past relationship. Few girls arrive at the camp and meet Sikandar and Tevar. They are big fans of the singers. Lovely gets jealous seeing the young girls joining Sikandar and Tevar. The girls have a dance with their favorite singers. Amyra and Kulfi get away for some time. Amyra teaches Hindi to Kulfi. Kulfi learns Sikandar’s name. Kulfi realizes that Sikandar’s name was written on the chit. Kulfi learns that she isn’t Tevar’s daughter. She gets moved by this truth.

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