Silsila: Mauli to face Kunal’s rejection again

Silsila: Mauli to face Kunal's rejection again

Silsila: Mauli to face Kunal’s rejection again… Dida and Yamini take Mauli’s love test by telling Mauli that Kunal is leaving the city forever. Mauli rushes to the airport to stop Kunal, but doesn’t find him. She feels Kunal is gone forever. Mauli cries. Dida and Yamini meet her, and reveal their plan to make Mauli realize her love for Kunal. They tell Mauli that Kunal would be at home. They ask Mauli to take the responsibility of her marriage now. Mauli gets convinced to meet Kunal and talk to him about their marriage. She learns a lesson. She doesn’t want to lose Kunal. Mauli doesn’t want to use the child to get Kunal back. She wants Kunal to choose her first. Mauli keeps her self-esteem, even though she madly loves Kunal.

Mauli says my state is getting so bad, you both did this drama for this reason, I really love Kunal, but I have to know if he loves me, he has left from my life forever, my life looks ruined after he left me, but the question is does he feel emptiness in his life after leaving me, does he miss me too. Mauli tells Dida that she can’t force her love on Kunal. Dida asks her to question Kunal. Mauli wants to know if Kunal has moved on over his attraction for Nandini.

Kunal records a message for Nandini. He apologizes for his mistakes. He feels ashamed of his doings and hopes that she forgives him. He wants a last chance to reviving his relationship. He understands his love more after staying away from Nandini. Kunal invites Nandini on the dinner date. Kunal tells Nandini that he loves her a lot and doesn’t want to stay away from her. Mauli wants to forgive Kunal, but doesn’t know if he wants her forgiveness and return to her. She asks how shall I tell Kunal about the child. Mauli comes across the memory chip and plays it. Mauli watches the video and gets confused. She feels the emotional message is for her. Mauli gets happy with the new hopes once again. She gets convinced and thinks its the right time to tell Kunal about her pregnancy. She feels Kunal also wants to return to her. Kunal wants to start afresh with Nandini. Mauli gets mistaken about his words.

Mauli reaches the place happily for dinner, thinking that she would be meeting Kunal. Kunal waits for Nandini. He doesn’t know that video has got delivered to Mauli. Mauli meets Kunal and hugs him. She thanks him for giving their marriage a second chance. Kunal gets a big shock on seeing Mauli. Mauli tells him that she is ready to forget and forgive all his mistakes, they shall have a new beginning, they should reconcile for the sake of the child. She dresses up like Nandini and tells him that all her anger is gone, she will not fail this time to keep him happy, she will behave and appear as he wants.

She is ready to change herself for Kunal. She tells him that she really wants to keep the marriage. Kunal understands Mauli’s feelings and finds her hurt. She tells him that this time she will make her marriage more beautiful. Kunal gets away and rejects Mauli’s love again. He tells her that he can’t force his emotions this way, and that video was for Nandini, he was waiting for Nandini. Mauli’s hopes shatter once again. She gets crying and rushes away.

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