Bepannaah: Zoya determines to counter obstacles

Bepannaah: SHOCKING Zoya to end ties with Aditya

Bepannaah: Zoya determines to counter obstacles… Aditya plans a surprise for Zoya, but it goes wrong. Aditya wanted to gift bangles to Zoya and also unite her with her family. They have clashes over Zoya’s accusations on Anjana. Zoya understands that someone is trying to break the family. She wants to fail her enemies. She meets her family. She faces Wasim again. Wasim gets angry on Zoya and everyone. He doesn’t want to forgive Zoya. Zoya gets shattered with his anger. Aditya’s plan to unite Wasim and Zoya fails. Zoya doesn’t deter from catching Anjana for the crime. She exposes Anjana over adding poison in the puja prasad. She tells the family about Anjana adding the poison to frame her for the crime. Anjana gets a big shock with Zoya’s accusations.

Aditya shows his belief in Anjana. Zoya tells Aditya that Anjana has all the reasons to frame her because of the hatred. Anjana really didn’t commit the crime. She dislikes Zoya further. Zoya’s blames on Anjana gets serious.

Anjana also has evidence with her that she is innocent. Zoya gets mistaken by the enemy, who frames Anjana to break Hooda family. The mystery lady wants Anjana and Zoya’s fights to influence Aditya’s happiness. The new enemy determines to ruin Aditya and Zoya’s marriage. Aditya doesn’t question his mum over the happenings. He tells Zoya that Anjana will never back stab them, its not her nature to cheat people. He defends his mother. There will be new entries in Zoya’s life. The enemy employs Zoya for breaking the family. Zoya understands the enemy’s plan to use her against the family. She doesn’t want the relations to turn bitter by her false accusations. She realizes that Anjana is innocent, and someone has intentionally misled her. She determines to unveil the enemy.

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