Ishqbaaz: Shivay to threaten Anika’s life

Ishqbaaz New entry brings troubles for Anika

Ishqbaaz: Shivay to threaten Anika’s life… Shivay has lost his smile. He doesn’t see to see sharp lights. He feels like he is still in the jail. Bhavya tells Anika about Shivay’s mental trauma, which every prisoner faces after releasing. Anika wants to lessen his trauma. Anika tries to cheer him up. She doesn’t see any willingness to live. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya try to get his life back on the track. Everyone hates Shivay in the family. Anika finds ways to inspire Shivay.

Shivay slips in depression. Anika wants to help him. Omkara and Rudra’s words echo in his ears, that he is a murderer, and not a part of Oberoi family now. He isn’t a murderer and wants to explain his family. Now he feels that there is no use to explain his brothers. He starts believing that he is really a murderer, and he is dangerous for the family. He confines himself in the room again. Anika can’t see Shivay losing out to fears. She wants him to come out of the trauma. She asks him why is he sitting in darkness. She brings lights in the room. She wants to support him, knowing his depression because of his jail stay.

She does a wife’s duty. She wants to share his sorrows and fight out together. Shivay fears of hurting Anika. The past haunts Shivay. He doesn’t think he can return to his old life. The murder incident scares Shivay. The bad memories trouble him. Shivay stays lost. He is thankful to Anika for all the support. He doesn’t want to hurt her in any way. He limits himself from reacting in rage. Shivay gets a bad nightmare again. He wakes up suddenly and suffocates Anika’s neck. Anika gets a huge shock with his behavior. Shivay hurts her a lot in his madness. Anika stops Shivay and gets him to senses.

Shivay then feels much sorry that he has hurt his wife. He tells her that he isn’t safe to be around her. He gets away from Anika. Anika knows what’s bothering him so much. Anika hides Shivay’s depression from the family. She sees his fingerprints impressed on her neck, and tries to cover her neck with the dupatta so that Gauri and Bhavya don’t see it. She doesn’t want the family to know Shivay’s traumatic state. Shivay witnesses Anika’s move and feels guilty. He tries to talk to Omkara to help, but fails. Omkara doesn’t listen to him. Shivay wishes to get his brothers back.



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