Mariam Khan: Mariam unites with her family


Mariam Khan and Fawad have a moment, when they meet meeting accidentally. Mariam is following him only with an intention to find Majaaz. Fawad is working on Majaaz’s true story to boost up his journalism career. Majaaz’s truth is tough to crack. Fawad wants to make a name by revealing Majaaz’s truth. Mariam wants to get a clue about Majaaz. She tells Fawad that she has come to his office to get a driver’s job. She tolerates his anger just for the sake of Majaaz. She tries to keep an eye on him. Fawad tells her that she won’t get the job.

Mariam returns to Bhopal. She gets emotional after returning home. Her memories get revived after ten years. Mariam sheds tears while recollecting the happy and peaceful times spent with family. She can’t tell anyone that she is Mariam Khan. She keeps Manjeet’s identity. She meets her family there. She finds Fawad there and learns that Rifat has snatched the haveli from her family. Fawad makes Mariam out of the haveli. He warns her against following him. Mariam wants to tell everyone that she is Mariam, she is alive. Mariam breaks the truth to Madiha that she is Mariam. Aijaz identifies her and believes her. He asks Fawad not to throw out Mariam. The family cries for Mariam. Mariam wants to be with her family and also get Majaaz back.

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