Silsila: Mauli to show a mirror of truth to Kunal

Silsila and Ishq Mein Marjawa

Silsila: Mauli to show a mirror of truth to Kunal… Mauli makes a video, where she asks Nandini to leave from Kunal’s life. She speaks her heart out. She wants to have a happy family again. She does a mistake and the video reaches Kunal. Kunal confronts Mauli for instigating Nandini for leaving from his life. He asks why can’t she move on if he has moved on, if she always respected him, why can’t she respect his decision. Mauli tells him that she can’t forget him, she still loves him a lot. Mauli sheds tears. Nandini feels bad for her. Kunal gets defensive of Nandini. Kunal doesn’t let Nandini go away. He has rescued Nandini from Rajdeep’s clutches.

Mauli gets upset when Kunal compels her to come with him to Nandini’s house. He plays the video in front of them. He fights with Mauli. He tells them that its his life, and he will take decisions.

Kunal tells Nandini that he won’t let her end their relation. Mauli explains Kunal that she loves him a lot and can’t see him going away. She asks him not to take a stand for Nandini and leave her. Kunal tells Mauli that he has taken the decision and that’s final now, he can’t return to her. Mauli feels helpless. She lowers her self-esteem to convince Kunal. Nandini becomes the reason for Mauli’s happy marriage breaking. She gets upset seeing the shocking argument between Kunal and Nandini. Kunal asks Mauli to accept his relationship with Nandini, and leave from his life.

Mauli tells him that his decision has ruined three lives. Mauli vents anger on Kunal. Kunal has taken big decision to marry Nandini. He asks Mauli to accept his decision. He doesn’t know that Rajdeep is come back in Mauli’s life. Rajdeep forces Nandini to stay with him. Nandini is also fighting with this dilemma. Mauli feels insulted when Kunal shouts on her. Kunal wants Mauli and Nandini to let him live happily. He acts selfish and scolds both of them. Mauli can’t bear the insult and walks out of Nandini’s house.

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  1. So childish.. maturity less fellow kunal… disgusting to see his face.. how can he forget the 7yrs of happily loved married life this easily fr the sexy look of nandini.. so it means even with nandini he ‘ll live fr 5 to 7 yrs nd fall again in love with other girl ….shit story ..


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