Muskaan: Ronak to receive a rude shock

Muskaan Ronak Clever Escape plan next

Bablu catches Muskaan by difficulty. He takes a saint’s disguise to find her. Ronak and Hanumanth are not close in the village. Bablu takes advantage of this and kidnaps Muskaan. She hopes that Ronak saves her. Ronak tracks Bablu and stops the jeep. He wants to get Muskaan back. Bablu points gun at Ronak and threatens of killing him. Bablu tells Ronak that he has got Hanumanth kidnapped. He asks Ronak to choose between his friend or Muskaan. When Ronak gets away from their way, Muskaan sheds tears. She shouts to Ronak for help. She doesn’t want to return to the hell. Ronak realizes she is caged and runs after the jeep to save her. Ronak has good intentions towards Muskaan.

Bablu wants to handover Muskaan to Sir ji. Ronak just has anger on the surface, but likes Muskaan. Muskaan too gets falling for him seeing his goodness and bravery. Muskaan wishes she leads a normal life like every girl. She hopes for some miracle to happen. Bablu leaves a note for Ronak, while driving away with Muskaan.

He informs Ronak that Sir ji wants Muskaan at any cost. Ronak doesn’t understand the message written on the note, and gets confused. Bablu knows Ronak and Sir ji’s connection. Sir ji’s family will be seen. He is Ronak’s father, who has an extended family. Ronak’s cousin Bunty is also negative like his father. Sir ji’s daughters have a good image of him. Bunty is eyeing Sir ji’s property and business. He wants to keep Ronak away from the family. Ronak is the only heir, but hates his father, knowing his evil truth. Ronak plans to take Muskaan home to protect her, but has no idea that Sir ji is the main villain in Muskaan’s story. He will be learning the big shocking news. Keep reading.

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