Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha to strike at Raman’s weakness

YHM: Sudha's plan raises the drama higher

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Sudha to strike at Raman’s weakness.. Raman loses his cool and sets a car on fire, even when Ishita tries best to stop him from making such a big move. She asks him to get to senses and not ignite fire. Raman doesn’t listen to her. She asks Raman did he go mad, what is he doing. Raman asks Ishita did she get peace after lying to him. She asks him why didn’t he tell her before booking a car and planning gift for Rohan. Sudha has ignited fire in their relation. Sudha tells Raman about Ishita’s move of hiding things from him. She reveals about the company losses and the way Ishita is managing to buy the shares.

Raman demands an answer from Ishita. Sudha provokes Raman. Ishita reprimands Sudha. Raman slaps Sudha’s manager and then burns the car. Sudha had gifted the car to Rohan and Aaliya, which Raman wanted to gift them.

Raman’s loan gets rejected. Sudha gifted the car to insult Raman. She then brings the bankruptcy truth out. Raman and Ishita have an argument. He scolds Ishita for always hiding things. He tells her that he would have not booked the car, if she told her the truth. Ishita gets mad at Sudha. She asks Sudha what’s her problem. The family stops Ishita from hurting Sudha. Ishita cries for Raman’s move. Ishita has to save family from Sudha’s evil motives. Raman asks Ishita not to dare hide anything from him, as he is responsible for his family’s safety first.

Ishita worries since Sudha ruins the family happiness. Kaushalya falls sick. She wants Aaliya and Rohan’s marriage to happen within a week. Kaushalya is battling with cancer. Ishita doesn’t know how to manage the marriage expenses. She doesn’t want Raman to take financial stress. Rohan hopes that his mum recovers, and Aaliya brings happiness in the family.

Ishita faces Raman’s anger. Raman takes it on his ego. Ishita and Romi get speechless when Raman hits them with the questions. Raman is upset with them for making him feel so incompetent and useless that he can’t deal with his own problems. He asks Ishita does she think that he is so incapable that he can’t save his company. He tells her that he will manage the losses, he will manage the company and also Aaliya’s grand wedding. He wants to spend much in Aaliya’s wedding, even if they have nothing. He tells Ishita that he doesn’t care for any bankruptcy, the world will see a lavish wedding. Ishita tells him that they have no money, they can’t manage huge expenses. He tells her that she feels that she is the supreme, and everyone else is brainless. He scolds her for always taking charge of things. Ishita doesn’t understand how will Raman manage the expenses and save the family respect.

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