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Know Upcoming On Star Plus… Jiji Maa:
Uttara gets acceptance from the family. She plans to get Falguni out of the house, by getting Suyash marry Piyali. Falguni threatens her against hurting the family. Uttara asks Falguni what will she do if she leaves the house in few days, when Suyash marries someone else. Falguni is sure to expose Piyali’s plans and stop the marriage. Falguni will outdo Piyali and Uttara. Uttara is sure that everyone will forgive her soon, and even Vidhaan will forgive her crimes.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna and Radhe don’t want their divorce to happen. Shukla and Dubey fight in the court and get their children divorced. Krishna and Radhe get divorced. Krishna gets crying and returns Radhe’s gift to him. she asks him to celebrate his happiness and freedom now. Radhe turns angry and burns all the memories of his lover. Radhe tells Krishna that he will not run after her now. Krishna also clears the misunderstanding of Radhe, that she isn’t chasing him.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi’s decision leaves Sikandar tensed… Sikandar and Tevar get worried when Kulfi is denied the admission. They clear the fact that Kulfi is a normal girl, and more smarter than the other kids. They ask principal to take Kulfi’s memory test, she is very sharp. They request for one chance. Sikandar gives guarantee for Kulfi. The principal gives them a chance and asks them to prepare Kulfi for the entrance test. Sikandar is sure that Kulfi will pass the test and study in the same school as Amyra. Sikandar and Tevar break the good news to Kulfi and cheer her up. Lovely gets angered with Tevar and Kulfi. Sikandar takes Amyra to the temple and tells her about Dushehra. Kulfi gets upset that Sikandar isn’t telling her about her real father. She wants to know about her father. She learns that Tevar didn’t meet her uncle, and just met her aunt.

Ishqbaaz: Shivay deals with his phobia triggers… Shivay stays away from Anika, thinking he may harm her. He maintains distance by making excuses. He sends Anika to sleep. He spends time outside alone. He tries to control his phobias and traumatic triggers. He recollects what he has done with Anika and doesn’t want to repeat it. Anika waits for him a lot. She looks for Shivay. She asks Shivay not to run away, she doesn’t feel scared of his presence. He is afraid of himself and doesn’t want to hurt her. She tells him that his absence makes her afraid. She gets adamant and gets him along. He tells her that he will stay away from her. He gets a panic attack. He wants to be away from Anika. He separates her for the sake of her safety. Anika regrets for his traumatic state and recollects their happy old times.

Know Upcoming On Star Plus

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: More agony for Raman and Ishita…Ishita learns about Raman applying for loan to buy a car. She gets a shock with this. She asks Raman if they are buying a car. Raman doesn’t answer her, as she also keeps things hidden. Raman tells Ishita that he has ordered a high end car for Rohan and Aaliya. Ishita stops him from spending much. He tells her that he can afford a lavish wedding for Aaliya. He goes downstairs and finds the car delivered. Sudha meets them and tells them that Raman’s loan didn’t get approved, and she has helped him in getting the loan. She gifts him the car and asks him to keep her donation. She informs that Ishita has sold her jewelry for managing the company loss. She does charity and angers Raman.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: A past shadow to haunt Dadi… Kartik and Naira make the plan to unite Akhilesh and Manish. They are sure that Akhilesh’s annoyance will melt during the celebrations of Navratri. Naira tells Suwarna that they will be blessed during Navratri and the house division will stop. Kartik and Naira want to have the festival celebrations together, but Akhilesh hosts an event separately. Singhanias get shocked when Naksh and Kirti tell them about the division of Goenka family. They can’t believe the news that Akhilesh wants the house partition. They don’t know why is Akhilesh doing this. Naitik tells them that Akhilesh is a nice brother and he may change his mind. He wants to talk to Akhilesh and change his mind. He has gone through a similar situation in the past.

Know Upcoming On Star Plus
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