Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Basu family conflict confuses Prerna

Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Basu family conflict confuses Prerna… Navin creates a big scene when Anurag blames him to be characterless and a fraud. Navin tells Mohini that he has loved Anurag as his son and can’t take such insult from him. He gets angry and tells Mohini that if Anurag has a problem with his marriage with Prerna, then he is ready to sacrifice his love for Prerna for Anurag’s sake and cancel the marriage. Navin declares that he will not marry Prerna. He calls off the marriage and presents this as a big favor on Anurag. Anurag tells Mohini that Navin is cheating them again and is refusing for marriage just to get their sympathy.

He has seen Navin’s true face and wants to save Prerna’s life. Mohini asks Navin and Anurag why are they fighting for Prerna. She feels embarrassed because of Anurag and tells him that he has done much wrong with Navin. Mohini fears that Prerna is breaking the family before the marriage.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay

She also feels the marriage shouldn’t happen for everyone’s betterment, but she doesn’t want Anurag to marry Prerna. Anurag is concerned for his friend Prerna. He doesn’t want anyone to wrong her life. Navin and Anurag’s big clash shocks Mohini. Prerna’s marriage gets stuck. She feels Anurag is getting problems for her family. Anurag is helping her out. Prerna worries that Mohini and Navin will now trouble her family financially. Mohini and Nivedita believe Navin, than Anurag. Navin doesn’t leave any evidence and doesn’t care if Anurag knows his truth. Moloy shows his belief in Anurag and wants Anurag to marry Prerna.

He sees Anurag’s love for Prerna, which gets evident by the concern. Nivedita wants Prerna to marry Navin and get away from them. Moloy gets helpless and apologizes to Navin on Anurag’s behalf. He doesn’t like Navin and wants the marriage to stop. Prerna gets confused over the conflict and doesn’t know if she should be happy about it, or sad. She just wants her family’s welfare.

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