Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Big truth to come Sikandar’s way

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar discovers the horrifying truth

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Big truth to come Sikandar’s way..Kulfi requests Tevar to take her to her village and meet her uncle. Tevar agrees for the sake of her happiness. He tells her that they will study for entrance test first and then go to Chirauli. She insists him to take her the same day. He promises her that he will take her to the village once she gets admitted in the school. He tells her that they will stay in Chirauli as much as she wants. He convinces her to prepare for the entrance test. Sikandar gets relieved that Kulfi agreed to Tevar. She wants to study hard and pass test so that she can meet her uncle soon. Amyra wants Kulfi to get enrolled in her school. She surprises Lovely by telling about her good wishes for Kulfi. She tells Lovely that she will not get jealous of Kulfi now. Lovely gets upset. She asks Amyra to stop singing Kulfi’s praises. She gets angry on Amyra after hearing her praise Kulfi’s mother.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Sattu feels guilty that he has lied to Sikandar about Kulfi. He visualizes Nimrat and tells her that Sikandar is really a fraud, Tevar loves Kulfi more. Nimrat tells him that Kulfi and Sikandar should know the truth and then decide themselves. She doesn’t want him to cheat Kulfi. She tells him that Kulfi will decide if she will accept Sikandar in her life or not. Sattu feels more guilty. Amyra, Sikandar and Tevar prepare Kulfi for the interview so that she passes the test. Kulfi wants to find her real father soon. She stays stressed and wants to find the truth. Sattu gets to see Sikandar and Kulfi’s picture in the newspaper. He realizes that Sikandar also loves Kulfi dearly. He gets confused over the signs and wants to know what destiny wants to convey. He thinks of meeting Sikandar and Kulfi.

Kulfi gets upset and loses hope that she will pass the test. She wants to meet her uncle at any cost. Nihalo calls up Cutie to know about Kulfi and get some money. Cutie warns her against having relations with Kulfi. Tevar finds Kulfi burdened by the studies. He tells Sikandar that Lovely has ruined Kulfi’s life. He tells how Lovely has scared Kulfi on the interview day. He doesn’t want Lovely to behave bad with Kulfi. Sikandar asks him to just believe Kulfi and learn calm behavior from her. He wants to relieve Kulfi of the stress. Sikandar tells Kulfi that her uncle won’t help her in finding her dad. She gets strong-headed to meet her real father. The big truth will be coming to Sikandar on its own, when Sattu meets him and reveals Kulfi’s connection with him.

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