Shivay-Rudra’s super ugly fight next in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Obros to catch up Dadi's big lie

Shivay-Rudra’s super ugly fight next in Ishqbaaz… Roop tricks Rudra into breaking the Oberoi brothers totally. She asks him to use Shivay’s trauma in his favor so that he can throw out Shivay from the company forever. Roop’s wise advice gets adapted by Rudra. He addresses the press and tells them about Shivay’s unfit state. He ousts Shivay from the company by claiming that Shivay is mentally unstable. Rudra declares Shivay to be unfit and harmful for the company. He snatches all the legal authorities from Shivay by one claim. Omkara didn’t expect this from Rudra and receives a big shock, like Shivay and Anika. The family didn’t expect Rudra to fall low only for a deal. Rudra declares Shivay mentally ill and humiliates him to break his courage completely. Shivay gets broken down by Rudra’s words and doesn’t react.

He feels he deserves this hatred, as he has killed Tej. He feels Rudra’s anger is justified. Rudra then targets Anika. He also tells the media that Anika is not Shivay’s lawful wife. He doesn’t want to give any stake in business to Anika. He finds her interference in the business wrong and makes her away from her rights. He asks Anika by what rights is she staying in their house. Omkara feels Shivay and Anika don’t deserve such humiliation. Shivay breaks his silence and gets back into his SSO style. He turns raging and defends his wife. Shivay tells Rudra that he has tolerated everything from him, and also forgiven him for all the hatred. He tells him that he doesn’t give the right to insult Anika to anyone.

He tells Rudra that he loves him a lot, but Anika is his life and his pride. He can’t hear a word against Shivay. He asks Rudra not to challenge his pride, else he won’t spare anyone. The brothers’ fight get ugly. Rudra speaks ill about Anika, as nobody has seen Shivay and Anika’s marriage. Shivay slaps Rudra and asks him not to dare insult his wife again. He tells the world that Anika is his life and none can hurt her. Rudra loses his cool and raises hand to slap Shivay. Omkara feels Rudra is breaking limits for the sake of business. He doesn’t want Rudra to do any other mistake.

Omkara stops Rudra from slapping Shivay. Rudra asks Omkara to move off his way. Omkara asks Rudra will he slap Shivay, if yes, then he has to slap him first. Rudra angrily pushes away Omkara and hurts him. Gauri worries for Omkara. Bhavya asks Rudra to stop his madness. The Oberoi brothers get themselves insulted in the media by fighting publicly. Omkara tries to stop Shivay and Rudra’s fight. The bond of Obros who loved each other so much shatters. Their unity falls apart. Anika stops Shivay and takes him along. Gauri and Bhavya stop Omkara and Rudra. The brothers’ fight become a breaking news for the media. Shivay feels he has lost his brothers forever. He decides to leave from their lives.

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