Ishqbaaz: Shivika’s divorce twist brings drama dose

Ishqbaaz: Shivika's divorce twist brings drama dose

Ishqbaaz: Shivika’s divorce twist brings drama dose.. Shivay gets back to his old SSO avatar. He gets his old attitude. He turns rude towards Anika. He asks her not to get after him. When she doesn’t listen, he throws his phone in anger. He looks fresh-minded. He wants to bring a change in his life. He feels he has got enough of his brothers’ hatred and its time he takes charge of the family and business again. He has turned into SSO after the five year leap. He wants to save his family from the bankruptcy. He doesn’t wish the Oberoi company to suffer any more losses. Anika’s accident pushes him towards the new start. He gets motivated to change himself. He gets over the sorrowful phase.

Moreover, Shivay gets dressed aptly in his black suit. He stuns the family members with his confident. The big change doesn’t please Rudra. Omkara wants to support Shivay. He wants to save the company from big losses.


In contrast to Rudra’s mindset, Omkara welcomes Shivay in the office. Rudra makes plans against Shivay. Shivay will be knowing about Roop’s hidden motives behind instigating Rudra. Furthermore, Shivay feels guilty that he is responsible for Anika’s accident. He decides to divorce Anika. He wants to make her away for the sake of her safety and happiness. Anika doesn’t want to get away from Shivay’s life.

Anika will answer Shivay and get stubborn to hold her rights. Anika shares her doubts and tensions with Gauri and Bhavya. Also, Shivay starts ignoring Anika. He invites a lady Tara home and flirts with her. He tells Anika that he is discussing business. Anika gets angry seeing him. She asks him why did he answer her calls. He doesn’t answer her. He wants to spend time with Tara. He insults Anika when she intervenes.

He does a drama to turn Anika jealous. Shivay goes on complimenting Tara. Anika gets heartbroken and tolerates the insult. He tells Tara that he has realized his mistake to marry a low class girl, who doesn’t understand friendship, relationships and limits. She faces his anger.

Shivay asks Anika not to interfere in his life. She asks Shivay to stay happy the way he wants. She understands that Shivay is doing everything to make her away. She wants to explain him that she feels safe with him, and the accident was just a random mistake. She doesn’t want Shivay to punish himself and her this way. Shivay vents out his anger by throwing the glass. He doesn’t wish to hurt Anika. There will be a lot of drama. Shivay and Anika’s cute banter and love moments will be seen.

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