Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Amyra’s question brings a storm

Kulfi Kumar Amyra kidnapping twist leaves Sikandar tense

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Amyra’s question brings a storm… Gunjan reveals the truth of Sikandar and Kulfi’s relation. Amyra gets to hear this and receives a big shock. Amyra screams and gets everyone’s attention. Everyone wants to know why is Amyra so shocked. Kulfi tells them that Amyra got scared seeing Gunjan in darkness. Kulfi tells that it was Amyra’s idea to wear uniforms, so that the twinning looks good in pictures. Amyra stays in shock over the bitter truth. Sikandar asks Amyra to smile for pictures. Amyra can’t believe Gunjan. She can’t imagine that Kulfi is Sikandar’s daughter. She feels she is mistaken and maybe she heard something else.

Amyra tries to get over the truth. She doesn’t think its true as Sikandar has recently met Kulfi. Sikandar compliments Kulfi and hopes she forgives him. Kulfi and Sikandar’s bonding irks Lovely. Lovely wants to make sure that Kulfi’s truth doesn’t come out. Sikandar wishes all the best to Kulfi. He asks her to pass in the entrance test. Tevar takes Kulfi home. Gunjan feels she has done a mistake to reveal truth to Amyra. Amyra reaches her with her questions. Amyra asks her what did she say there.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Amyra’s question brings a storm

Gunjan doesn’t think its Amyra’s mistake, she doesn’t deserve to face this truth. Lovely gets to know that Gunjan can talk. Amyra tells Lovely that Gunjan can speak well. Gunjan tells Lovely that Amyra has learnt the truth unknowingly. Sikandar wishes Amyra and Kulfi grow happily together. Amyra tells Sikandar that Gunjan wants to talk to him. Lovely blackmails Gunjan. She tells her that if she tells the truth about Kulfi to anyone, she will harm Mahendar. Lovely hurts Gunjan in rage. She fears that she will lose her family. She scolds her for hurting Amyra’s hand. She wants to protect Amyra.

Sikandar rushes to meet Gunjan. Lovely threatens to ruin the family if Gunjan speaks anything again. Gunjan doesn’t talk to Sikandar. Sikandar feels Amyra has imagined such. Amyra tells him that Gunjan spoke to her. She doesn’t tell what Gunjan told her. She doesn’t want to share Sikandar with anyone. Lovely covers up Gunjan’s move. She asks Sikandar to come with her. Lovely gets alert. Cutie asks Lovely to behave normal and make the truth turn into a lie in front of Amyra. Amyra questions Lovely and asks if Sikandar is Kulfi’s dad. The question brings a storm in Lovely’s life.

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