Shivay takes up stunning SSO avatar in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz Shivay returns to solve the murder mystery

Gauri reprimands Shivay for putting Anika’s life in risk. She tells him that Anika is his responsibility and he should have taken good care for her. Shivay learns that Anika could have died because of him. He feels guilty for hurting her. Gauri scolds him in much rage. Bhavya and Omkara stop Gauri from accusing Shivay, since he is also hurt. Shivay decides to make Anika out of his life to protect her. He wants to become the old SSO so that he succeeds to make Anika away. He feels bad that he has put his dear wife in harm, when she believed him so much. Anika wants to talk to Shivay once. Shivay takes his SSO avatar again. Anika gets worried that he may punish himself in guilt. Shivay gets rocking as before. His shocking new side surprises everyone. Anika gets happy to get her old Shivay back.


She tells him that she is really happy. He tells her that he can do anything and he knows his capabilities. He starts throwing his attitude around. Anika wonders what’s wrong with him. He tells her that he is going for a meeting. She asks him to take rest since he is hurt too. She asks him how did he change suddenly. He tells her that the accident changed him and now he wants to take all the control back in his hands. He wants to declare to the world that he is back in business. Omkara and Rudra get a shock with Shivay’s big change. Shivay clears the facts to them that he will rule the company as before, he is back in the company as the leading businessman. He commands his brothers to be in office on time.

Anika gets clueless and tensed with Shivay’s behavior. Shivay starts ignoring Anika. She wants to reason out his behavior. He tells her that he can’t live in trauma all the time. He asks her if she has a problem if he is moving on by getting rid of his fears. He angrily breaks his phone. Anika finds him hiding something. She asks him to share the matter with her. Shivay doesn’t want to justify his actions. He feels he has already wasted a lot of time, living in fear. He hides the truth that he is doing everything to keep her away for the sake of her well-being.


Anika follows Shivay and stops him from driving the car. Shivay asks her to leave. She doesn’t want to leave him alone. He gets insulting her for always troubling him. He drives the car to show his capabilities. He isn’t any scared man anymore. He asks Anika not to judge him. She understands that he is doing everything to make her away. He threatens of harming himself if she doesn’t leave him alone.

Anika gets worried for his life. She asks him not to try insane things. He asks her to go home and take rest, he can handle his life. He feels hurt that he is hurting her. He couldn’t get out of his fears yet, but acts strong only for Anika’s sake. Anika realizes that Shivay is just pretending rude, but loves her a lot. Bhavya asks Anika to be happy that Shivay is changing. Moreover, Anika feels Shivay’s big and sudden change is a matter of concern. Shivay gets Tara home to shock Anika further.

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