Kulfi Kumar: Kulfi’s school admission gets mixed reactions

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi falls in grave danger

Kulfi Kumar: Kulfi’s school admission gets mixed reactions.. Kulfi meets the principal for the school admission entrance test. She tries to impress the principal. Kulfi gets into her cute act. Kulfi sings out her tensions. Tevar is worried for her admission. He watches her drama. Sikandar and Amyra also accompany Kulfi. Sikandar wishes Kulfi gets admission. Amyra changes her mind after knowing truth about Kulfi and Sikandar’s relation truth.

Amyra wants to make Kulfi away from Sikandar. Kulfi gets the admission in the school. She had prepared a lot for the entrance test. She acts that she has failed in the test. This upsets Tevar and Sikandar. She breaks into laughter. She tells them that she really got admission, she has passed in the test. They ask her if its true. She hugs them happily. She celebrates with them. Kulfi’s singing talents get observed in the school. She turns confident. She is a good-valued and mannered girl. She wants to become educated and fulfill Nimrat’s dreams. Amyra worries when she learns about Kulfi’s admission.

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Mariam accompanies Fawad in the party, which is very important for both of them. They want to get evidences about Majaaz. Mariam tells Fawad that she is very well aware of his intentions and wishes. She indirectly gives him the hint that she is also wishing for the same thing. She also wants a lead to reach Majaaz. Mariam and Fawad perform on a romantic song. He asks her to better focus on the drama and be a good girlfriend. He doesn’t want her to interfere in his plans. Fawad tries to get the pendrive holding the video evidence against Majaaz.

Mariam gets her hands on the pendrive before Fawad and Bhakti. Mariam rushes out of the party. Fawad demands Mariam to give the pendrive. She checks the pendrive contents. She gets shattered when she finds Majaaz as a terrorist in the video. She refuses to believe it. She strikes a deal with Fawad and asks him to allow her in his house. She wins a place to stay in his house, which actually belongs to her. Mariam wants to hunt down her hidden enemies.

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