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TR’s Hits: Know Upcoming On Star Plus… Papa By Chance: Yuvaan learns about Chatwals’ suicide. Ullu overhears Yuvaan and the inspector’s talk. He also learns that his parents had committed suicide, Yuvaan isn’t responsible for their death. Ullu gets moved knowing this truth. Ullu reads the suicide note and learns about the financial troubles his parents were facing. Ullu grieves over the truth and shares it with Gungun. Ullu stops the judge from giving wrong verdict in Yuvaan’s case. Ullu changes his statement and frees Yuvaan from all the bad accusations. He thanks Yuvaan for really fulfill responsibilities towards them. Yuvaan gets happy to get the kids back.

Yuvaan gets the kids adopted by a couple. He makes a big mistake. He misses the kids a lot. He calls the person to know about the kids, if they adjusted well. The man disconnects the call and switches off the phone. Yuvaan gets worried for the kids when Amrit shows him kids’ personal lists. He tells her that the man has switched off the phone. She tells him that she is also much worried. She reveals that she has visited the couple’s house, but didn’t find anywhere there.

She feels something is fishy. She doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of the innocent kids. Yuvaan calls up Gungun. He tells her that even Gungun’s phone isn’t reachable. He feels he has handed over the kids into wrong hands. He can’t see the kids in trouble. Yuvaan tries hard to find the kids. He feels he has failed to look after the kids and ensure their safety. Genie is behind the entire conspiracy. Yuvaan and Amrit rush to find the kids some how.


Ronak stops Sir ji from sending Muskaan away. He tells Sir ji that he knew Sir ji will come up with such silly plans. He says Muskaan is my wife, I can’t let anyone send her away without my consent. Ronak shows his rights on Muskaan. He takes Muskaan back home with her. Sir ji’s plan to get rid of Muskaan fails miserably.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely poisons Amyra’s mind… Kulfi gets excited to go to school. She tells him that she will read everything on her own when she studies in the school. She says nobody can lie to me next time. Tevar asks her who has lied to her. She changes the topic. She tells him that she will talk to everyone in English. She plans to meet her uncle. Sikandar asks Amyra to get ready for school. He wishes that they go to school as sisters. Amyra tells him that Kulfi can just be her friend, not sister.


Shivay teaches a lesson to Rudra. Also, he compels Rudra for signing the business deal papers. He shows Rudra his real place. He asks Rudra to remember who is the elder one. He proves his capabilities to Omkara and Rudra again. Shivay tells Rudra that he can leak the company losses reports if he dares oppose him. Rudra throws attitude at him. He asks Shivay why is he blaming him for the losses. Omkara also feels that Rudra has been wrong. He scolds Rudra for getting bad reputation for the family. Shivay asks Rudra to leave the CEO chair if he really loves the company. Shivay asks Rudra to show courage and accept his mistake. He asks Rudra to first be worthy of his post.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita’s new battle of justice.. Ruhi realizes that she has also fallen in love with Karan. The family doesn’t ask her reply for Karan’s proposal. Ruhi doesn’t feel compelled and takes time to think about the alliance. The Bhallas get Sargi for Aaliya, when Karan gets it home. Karan looks for Ruhi. Aaliya pulls his leg. Karan makes a leave and hopes Ruhi accepts his proposal. Aaliya gets emotional to celebrate Karwachauth in Bhalla house for the last time. Ishita wishes Aaliya stays happy always. Everyone heads for the temple, where they meet Rohan’s family. Rohan and Aaliya sit for the puja.

Jiji Maa:

Karma tries to marries Piyali. Uttara stops the marriage and gets Karma arrested. She had learnt about Karma’s marriage plans. Suyash refuses to accept the marriage happened by cheat. He doesn’t want to accept Piyali as his wife. He wants to always be loyal to Falguni. Uttara asks Piyali to throw out Falguni from Suyash’s life if she wants Karma’s freedom. She promises to leave Karma free if Piyali take revenge on Falguni.

Yeh Rishta: Finally Samarth enters Goenka family… Everyone celebrates Dussehra by burning the evil Raavan. Samarth visits the Goenkas. Kartik and Naira get puzzled on seeing him. Samarth has a spark of evil in his eyes. He is the Raavan of the past. He has come back to trigger the fears. He wants to burn everyone’s lives. Manish can’t believe that he is facing Samarth. He tries to keep him away from Dadi’s sight. His entry shocks Dadi and Manish the most. Dadi rushes away from there. She doesn’t want to face Samarth. She knows his intentions are not kind. Kartik and Naira find the family gone. They wonder why everyone left so soon. They come home and find Dadi in much tension. Kartik finds Dadi scared. They try to know the matter.

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