YRKKH: Major family drama post Dussehra Celebrations

YRKKH: Major family drama post Dussehra Celebrations

YRKKH: Major family drama post Dussehra Celebrations… After Kartik burns a Raavan in the Dussehra ceremony, another Raavan makes an entry. Kartik’s new uncle will be coming in front of Goenka family. Moreover, he will be bringing many twists. Kartik and Naira won’t find it easy to restore love bonds in the family. Samarth wants to shatter the family by filling poison between the relations. Samarth has half succeeded by making Manish and Akhilesh away. Samarth’s puzzling taunts to Dadi goes overhead of everyone. Kartik and Naira fail to understand what he is talking. Kartik looks at Dadi for a reply. Dadi turns shaken up in fear. While Manish shoulders Dadi, Akhilesh stays unconcerned. Akhilesh knew that Samarth won’t get a happy welcome in the family.

Kartik and Naira are smart enough to handle all the troubles. They realize that Dadi is hiding some matter from them. Kartik asks Suwarna about Samarth. Suwarna tells him that even she has no idea about him.

YRKKH: Major family drama post Dussehra Celebrations

Samarth asks the Goenka family to get answers from Dadi. Dadi stops Samarth from revealing anything. Samarth declares his revenge motives. Furthermore, Dadi warns him against hurting her family. She doesn’t want Samarth to break her family peace. Samarth joins the family. He just wants to take revenge. He is filled with anger, hatred and revenge motives. He wants Dadi to pay for the past. He feels nobody can burn the Raavan in him. He wants to spread his evil and stress out everyone. Naksh tells Kirti that he has seen Akhilesh with Samarth before. He doubts on Samarth. Samarth breaks down the happy moments. There will be major family drama in the Goenka household. Samarth and Akhilesh make one team, while Kartik-Naira stands united with the Goenkas. How will Kartik and Naira solve this big mess? Keep reading.

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