Bepannaah: Aditya-Zoya add up romance in their battle

Bepannaah: Aditya-Zoya add up romance in their battle

Bepannaah: Zoya and Aditya are together and fight with each other in front of everyone to make Rajveer believe that they are fighting. He says we have to know Rajveer’s truth. Aditya doesn’t want Rajveer to attack on their family by using the murder incident. He regrets on Anjana’s mistake. He supports Zoya for every decision of hers. Zoya feels Anjana has suffered in guilt. She doesn’t want to punish Anjana for the accident. Aditya asks Zoya to hurt his family so that they can get a bigger truth out.

He tells them that their motive is big and they have to put big efforts for that. Zoya finds it very hard. Aditya acts rude towards Zoya in front of the family. Zoya and Aditya mock a fight to show the family. Aditya romances Zoya while hiding from the family.

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Zoya and Aditya have much belief in each other. Aditya feels happy to get a true life partner like Zoya. Zoya feels bad to hurt her loved ones to reach the truth. He cheers up Zoya when he finds her in low zone. They become each other strength. Aditya tells Zoya that he loves her a lot. Aditya doesn’t want anyone to catch him romancing his wife. Aditya pampers Zoya with love. Zoya wonders how is Rajveer and his Nani getting all the information about ongoing situation of the house. She senses that Rajveer is watching her. Aditya makes Zoya ready for the Karwachauth and spend some good moments with her.

Zoya comes to Anjana’s party and asks her why she didn’t call bahu to break her fast. She says this is wrong. Anjana says what is party for you is fast for us. Zoya gets dizzy and faints. Aditya thinks everyone will know that she has kept fast and gets worried. Aditya wants Zoya to be strong while she misleads Rajveer. Aditya and Zoya get away and break their Karwachauth fast.

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