Ishqbaaz: Obros’ vow, tussle and kidnapping twist

Ishqbaaz: Jai enters Oberoi family with vicious intentions

Ishqbaaz: Obros’ vow, tussle and kidnapping twist… Rudra angrily asks Shivay for his share. The brothers who loved each other a lot and never thought of money, now fight for the property. Shivay didn’t imagine that his brothers will one day fight for their rights and share. Rudra fights with Shivay once again. He demands his rights. Shivay asks Rudra to control himself and not repeat it again. Rudra asks him did he feel bad hearing the truth. He angers Shivay. They both fight once again. Omkara becomes a cooling agent for his hot-tempered brothers. Rudra repeatedly calls Shivay as Tej’s murderer. Shivay asks him not to hit on his weakness.

Rudra asks him to pay him money for his gambling. Shivay wants to reform Rudra. He gets hurt when Rudra calls him a murderer. Rudra says I can’t forget this, you have killed my dad, I can never forgive you, you snatched our dad and now you want to snatch our rights.

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Furthermore, Rudra gets his verbal attacks. Rudra says I will not leave my share any way, you have to give me what I m entitled to. Rudra accuses Shivay. He reminds Shivay that he is also an Oberoi and wants his share in Oberoi empire. Shivay asks Rudra to shut up his nonsense. He refuses to give a penny to Rudra. Anika asks him why is he hurting Rudra. Shivay says he is my younger brother, he shouldn’t try to become my father. The arguments continue. Rudra holds a wrong image about Shivay in his mind.

Dadi regrets seeing their fight. She feels her family is breaking down, and this could have been avoided some how. Rudra and Shivay’s clash for property shatters Dadi. Dadi feels Rudra is right, but her anger is also justified. Her wounds get fresh seeing the terrible chaos in the family.

Upcoming in Ishqbaaz

Moreover, Shivay consoles Dadi. He assures her that he will fix everything. He wants to make the family united again. He asks Omkara to help him convince Rudra. Shivay gets a panic attack on finding some ashes under his shoes.

Omkara asks him what’s the matter. Shivay asks Omkara if he can see the ashes. Omkara tells him that its visible clearly. Shivay hugs him. He is tensed. He tells Omkara that he felt others won’t visualize the ashes. He gets relieved that he isn’t hallucinating. Omkara pacifies Shivay. Rudra gets kidnapped by some goons. Rudra didn’t pay money to goons after losing in gambling. He falls in deep trouble. Shivay will be helping Rudra and saving his life. Will this bring a change in Rudra? Keep reading.

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