YRKKH: Samarth openly discloses his revenge

YRKKH: Samarth loses out to united Goenkas

YRKKH: Samarth openly discloses his revenge… Kartik wants to find the truth behind the problems in the family. He leaves chasing past and thinks of shaping the future. He tells Naira that he will help Akhilesh in his venture, so that Akhilesh comes back to them. Samarth takes help from Akhilesh. He does a drama and gets information from Kartik and Naira. Akhilesh tells him about Naira’s greatness.

He loves Kartik and Naira a lot. Samarth wants to see if Kartik and Naira are really so tough to compete. Akhilesh wants to discuss about the market investment with Kartik. He tells Samarth that Kartik has good knowledge about business. Samarth reminds him that he has to prove himself, he can’t take anyone’s help, even from family, so that he can stick to his words. He asks him to better share things with Manish, who is more wise than Kartik.

Akhilesh angrily tells him that he doesn’t need anyone’s help. He takes advice with Samarth. Samarth wants him to decide everything on his own. He wants Akhilesh to get losses in his venture.

YRKKH: Samarth openly discloses his revenge

He wants him to invest in a wrong venture. He wishes to clear everything by his smartness. Naksh and Kirti’s misunderstandings grow. He tries to apologize to her. He gets upset that she isn’t listening to him at all. Kirti doesn’t know what’s going wrong with Naksh. Naira finds Kartik with a nurse.

Lav and Kush tell Naira about Kartik’s new friend. She gets insecure on seeing Kartik with the pretty nurse. Meanwhile, Manish and Dadi don’t want to share the past with Kartik and Naira. Manish tells Dadi that if they answer Kartik, troubles will increase for them. Dadi doesn’t know why did Samarth come back. Manish is sure that Samarth has just come on Akhilesh’s call. He doesn’t think Samarth wants revenge from them. Akhilesh asks Manish to help him with money. Manish gets glad to help him. When Akhilesh demands a big amount, Manish gets a shock. Manish doesn’t want Akhilesh to make any wrong decision.

YRKKH: Samarth openly discloses his revenge

Samarth likes the clashes in the family. He tries to keep his good image in front of Dadi and Manish. He tells them that he knows about their sacrifices and hard work to keep the family united. He tells Dadi that he has realized everything, he didn’t forget anything. He indirectly warns them about creating havoc in their lives. He feels happy that Manish and Akhilesh will fight again. He wants the history to repeat itself. He knows that Manish won’t be able to arrange money in an hour. Naira gets jealous seeing Kartik and the flirting nurse. She wants to give a dose to Kartik. Kartik tells Naira that the nurse delivered the medicines. Naira scolds him for being over friendly with the nurse.

Naira gets Lav and Kush on their sides. Kartik tells Naira that there isn’t anything going on. Naira asks him to be loyal to his wife. He tells her that he is her devotee. She scolds him for flirting with Pinky. They have cute moments. Lav and Kush laugh seeing their funny argument. Naira tells Kartik that she can never lose him. He tells her that just she will be his wife forever. Kartik and Naira try to stop Akhilesh from selling his deposits. Akhilesh finds the bonds and accuses Kartik for plotting against him. Samarth awaits a big battle inside Goenka mansion.

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