Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi attempts to unveil big truth

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi attempts to unveil big truth

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi attempts to unveil big truth… Sikandar doesn’t want Kulfi to meet her uncle. He wishes that she studies well and works hard. Kulfi reminds the promise to Tevar. She asks him when is he taking her to Chirauli. Tevar agrees to take her. Sikandar doesn’t want Kulfi to learn the big truth that her father is a fraud. Tevar tells Kulfi about the flight issues. He tells her that they will go the other day. Kulfi gets upset with him for not keeping his promise.

Amyra informs Lovely about Sikandar’s happiness on Kulfi’s admission news. She feels Sikandar loves Kulfi a lot. She tells that Kulfi was rushing to the village to meet her uncle, but she missed the flight. She says Kulfi is going tomorrow. Lovely also fears that Kulfi can know the truth about Sikandar.

She asks Sikandar to convince Kulfi for not going to her uncle. He tells her that Kulfi doesn’t listen to him now, he has lost her trust because of her lies. He scolds her for lying to him so much. She asks him to think about Amyra. She asks him to stop Tevar from taking Kulfi to Chirauli. Sikandar learns that Kulfi has already left for Chirauli with Tevar.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi attempts to unveil big truth

Kulfi feels Tevar is really so good, that he is taking her the same day. She fears that Tevar will break down when he knows he isn’t her real dad. Sikandar wishes Kulfi and Amyra to be away from this suffering. Kulfi comes to meet Sittu. Kulfi gets happy to return to the village. Tevar tells everyone that he is Kulfi’s father. The villagers don’t believe it. Kulfi misses to meet her family. She doesn’t know where did they go suddenly. She wanted to surprise them. Chadda assures Lovely that Sikandar will never go against them. He tells her that Cutie has bribed Nihalo. He asks her not to have any tensions. He is sure that truth will be under wraps. He promises Lovely that he will throw out Tevar from her life.

Sikandar feels lonely without Mohendar. She wishes Mohendar was here to share his grief. Sikandar asks him to come back soon. He hides the sorrow from him. Tevar consoles Kulfi when she gets eager to meet her family. Tevar tells her that he knows her relatives. He wants to get them back. Kulfi gets determined to find her real father. Amyra asks Sikandar to come with them for Diwali shopping. He stays disturbed because of Kulfi. He promises Amyra that he will be with her always. Lovely asks her not to bother her dad, he isn’t meant for them, but just Kulfi. She asks Amyra not to waste time after Sikandar. Sikandar feels bad that he is hurting Amyra’s heart. Kulfi returns to Sikandar with her questions.

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