Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman-Ishita’s arrest shocks all

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman-Ishita's arrest shocks all

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman-Ishita’s arrest shocks all… Raman manages to save Ishita from police custody. Raman and Ishita return home, and hide the matter from the family. Ishita tells Shagun about her sudden arrest. Shagun finds her much worried. She asks Ishita what’s Raman doing with people like Vijendra. Ishita tells Shagun about Vijendra getting Neelam and Kartik murdered, and how he had put the blame on Raman. She reveals about her arrest, since she has taken the blame to save Raman. She tells Shagun that Raman was getting trapped in the murder case. She couldn’t see Raman facing troubles, knowing he is innocent.

Meanwhile, Shagun gets upset knowing about honor killing. She says I have tried to ask you many times, but you didn’t tell me anything, I could have helped you. She feels Raman and Ishita always disappoint the family. Ishita tells Shagun that there was some reason for this. Shagun asks Ishita why didn’t Raman share the troubles with family, how can he make such mistakes and always put them in mess. Furthermore, Kaushalya and Simmi overhear Ishita and Shagun’s conversation.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman-Ishita’s arrest shocks all

Simmi understands Ishita’s sacrifice for Raman again, but Kaushalya thinks otherwise. The marriage gets a twist when Kaushalya refuses for Rohan-Aaliya and Karan-Ruhi’s marriage. She tells Ishita that she is breaking both the alliances right away. Kaushalya scolds Ishita for covering up the matter, and suspects that Raman is really a criminal. Ishita stops her and tells her that she can’t take a big decision like this. She tells Kaushalya that someone was trapping Raman, now when the police has caught up the real culprit, she got released from jail. Romi and Raman make Rohan and Karan wear Sehra.

Raman helps them get ready. Kaushalya is much angry on Ishita knowing about the arrest. She feels Bhallas isn’t a good family. She apologizes and cancels the marriages. Shagun and Simmi get worried. Kaushalya says if this happened with you, you could have informed us, my family never stepped inside the police station. She feels its a shocking thing. She doesn’t want her sons to get into trouble because of Bhallas’ wrong connections. She tells them that she can’t ruin her sons’ lives. Also, Ishita clarifies Raman and her stand. She manages the situation. She convinces Kaushalya for letting the marriages happen.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman-Ishita’s arrest shocks all

Shagun, Mihika and Ishita make Ruhi and Aaliya ready in bridal attires. Ishita makes Ruhi and Aaliya have sweets as part of ritual. The family does Bhaangra and celebrate. Raman and Ishita get their two daughters married to Rohan and Karan. There is a big emotional moment for Bhallas, Iyers, Mani and Shagun. Bhallas and Iyers do vidaai of their daughters while shedding many years. Both Ruhi and Aaliya are equally dear to them. Raman requests Kaushalya to keep his daughters happy. Kaushalya assures Bhallas that she will give much love to her Bahus. Ishita and Shagun hug Ruhi and Aaliya. The mothers give them blessings for beginning a new life.

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