Ishqbaaz: Shivika romance and lots of family drama lined

Kaira Shivika Starplus 2017 Top 5 Pairing listed

Ishqbaaz: Shivika romance and lots of family drama lined… Shivay loves Dadi a lot. He asks Dadi to decide for the family by following her heart. Dadi wants to keep the wish of her Bahus. She tells Shivay that she wants the entire family to celebrate Diwali together. Shivay requests Rudra to keep aside his differences and ego for a while. Omkara agrees to join back Shivay. This shocks Rudra. Omkara asks Rudra to forgive Shivay. Shivay wants to restore the family’s lost happiness and peace.

He wishes they forget the bitterness and past sorrow. Anika likes the way Shivay manages his family. She tells him that she is proud of him. He asks her not to compliment him much. Anika tells him that she will decide their clothes for Diwali celebrations.

He gets Twinkle in between them. Shivay and Anika have a pillow fight, and end up romancing. They stay happy in their old world. Twinkle breaks their romance. Shivay realizes his motives. He wants to make Anika away. Twinkle gets praising of them.

Ishqbaaz: Shivika romance and lots of family drama lined

Shivay reminds Twinkle about her drama. Anika finds her cute. She knows Shivay’s plans. She tells him that his plan already failed. She starts troubling Shivay. She enjoys teasing him. Rudra takes advantage of this and fills up ashes in the shows. Shivay gets a big shock when he finds ashes inside the shoes. He feels he is hallucinating. He loses confidence. He doesn’t understand how is he feeling the ashes on his hands. Rudra enjoys his miseries. Shivay breaks down mentally once again. Omkara comes to his rescue. Omkara finds Shivay panicking. He tells Shivay that even he was see the ashes. Shivay gets a big relief after talking to Omkara.

He feels he is mentally healing and he isn’t a threat for family now. Bhavya suspects Rudra. Shivay feels someone has put ash in the shoes to drive him insane. Rudra gets kidnapped. Bhavya learns this news. She worries for Rudra.

Ishqbaaz: Shivika romance and lots of family drama lined

Omkara and Bhavya try to find Rudra. Shivay gets the news and quickly rushes to find Rudra. He witnesses Rudra’s kidnapping. Omkara tells Shivay that he has no idea about Rudra’s friends. Shivay feels that Rudra is into some wrong things. He reveals to Omkara about Rudra’s big demand.

He asks Omkara didn’t he know about Rudra. Omkara tells him that Rudra didn’t share anything with him in the past five years. Anika asks Bhavya to recollect if she knows about Rudra’s problem. Bhavya reveals about Rudra’s betting addiction. Shivay realizes that Rudra has lost in betting and got kidnapped from a bookie. Bhavya and Shivay use all their resources to find Rudra. Dadi falls unconscious by huge tension regarding Rudra. He gets the clues and assures the family that he will get Rudra home. Can Shivay handle all the problems? Keep reading.

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