Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Big conspiracy strikes Tevar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Big conspiracy strikes Tevar... Tevar, Sikandar and their daughters celebrate and have fun in the Diwali party. Sikandar gets the sweets for everyone. Sikandar gifts Amyra and Ku

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Big conspiracy strikes Tevar… This post is updated with more on this show Tevar, Sikandar and their daughters celebrate and have fun in the Diwali party. Sikandar gets the sweets for everyone. Sikandar gifts Amyra and Kulfi. Tevar also comes up with many surprises. Sikandar sorts out his issues with Lovely. He romances her and dances with her on Amyra’s saying. Amyra is happy seeing her happy family.

Everyone sings and dances together. Sikandar’s house gets lively once again. Tevar is happy with Kulfi. Tevar is content that he has a family now. Tevar and Kulfi are happy for Sikandar. Lovely has done wrong to play many manipulations. Sikandar doesn’t want to talk to Lovely because of her past mistakes, but he fakes happiness just for Amyra’s sake. Sikandar and Kulfi have an emotional moment. Sikandar is happy that Kulfi has accepted Tevar as her father and she isn’t annoyed with him now. Sikandar and Lovely prepare Amyra for the school.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Big conspiracy strikes Tevar

Lovely brainwashes Amyra. She asks Amyra to do something to make Kulfi out of the school. Amyra outs Kulfi in trouble so that the principal expels her. Kulfi takes part in the painting competition. Kulfi and Amyra have fun. Kulfi gets worried seeing everyone painting on the canvas. She paints on the school’s emblem wall. Amyra tells her that no one is allowed to write under the emblem. Kulfi tells principal that she didn’t know the rules of the school. Principal gets impressed when Kulfi passes a good message to the students. Kulfi’s sensibility and goodness gets applauded by the principal. Kulfi gets a wide acceptance.

Meanwhile, Amyra wants Sikandar not to love Kulfi more. Lovely is afraid by Tevar and Kulfi’s presence. She wants them out of her life at any cost. Lovely takes help from her dad to knock out Tevar. Also, Tony Chadda invites rich people for the card party. He conspires to make Tevar lose all in the game, so that Tevar leaves from their lives. Tevar is smart enough to face Lovely’s conspiracies. He has Sikandar and Kulfi on his side too. Tevar and Sikandar participate in the game together. Consequently, Lovely finds a way to get Sikandar away. Sikandar rushes to Amyra, when the mother-daughter plan against Tevar and Kulfi.

This post is updated with more on this show

Tonight in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:

Lovely acts good towards Kulfi. She encourages Kulfi to not feel insulted by the class students. She indirectly tells her that she won’t fit in Amyra’s school. She tells Kulfi that maybe the teachers won’t like her. She asks Kulfi not to do anything that upsets the principal. Lovely sends Kulfi. She asks Amyra to spoil Kulfi’s day so that her confidence breaks. Amyra doesn’t understand Lovely’s plan. She gets confused. Lovely tells her that she is fulfilling her motive by acting good. Lovely easily manipulates Kulfi.

Furthermore, Kulfi feels tensed when she reaches her class. The students find her older in age. Kulfi wishes to make good friends. Principal introduces Kulfi to the class. Kulfi takes part in the activities. She paints on the wall as she used to do in her village. Tevar stays nervous and tells Sikandar that he won’t go home, he will wait until Kulfi returns from school. The students show Amyra what Kulfi has done. Amyra scares Kulfi and tells her that its forbidden to write down anything under the emblem of the school. Kulfi feels she will be ousted now. When Principal sees the Shagun drawing on the wall, she questions Kulfi about her knowledge regarding it.

Tonight in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:

Kulfi gives them an insight about the Laxmi and Shagun sketches. Principal applauds her for reminding them the culture. Kulfi and Amyra together make decorations. Amyra enjoys her company. Lovely turns upset when she finds Amyra hanging around with Kulfi again. She gets Amyra home and asks her if she has become Kulfi’s friend again. Amyra tells her that she is confused about Kulfi. She doesn’t have any problem with Kulfi. Lovely triggers her hatred towards Amyra. Amyra tells her that Tevar and Kulfi are happy together, and they can’t pose any troubles for them. She doesn’t want to become a bad girl again. She refuses to listen to Lovely’s plans. Lovely warns her against losing everything to Kulfi.

She makes Amyra insecure again. Amyra wonders if Kulfi will come between Sikandar and her. Tevar gets Kulfi home. Tevar loves Kulfi a lot. He tells everyone how Kulfi impressed the principal today. He shares Kulfi’s first day incidents with them. Kulfi sounds low. Sikandar cheers her up. He encourages her to fulfill her dreams. He is sure that she will win everyone’s heart very soon. Lovely gets angered with Amyra and Kulfi’s friendship. They celebrate Dhanteras festive. Tevar buys costly jewelry for Kulfi. Kulfi doesn’t like to accept gift from him. Tevar reminds her that he is her dad. Tevar and Sikandar stay upset with Lovely.

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