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TR’s Hits: Know Upcoming On Star Plus… Muskaan: Ronak fails Sir ji’s plan of kidnapping Muskaan. He informs his friend Hanumanth about Muskaan’s kidnapping. Hanumanth gets his Vanar Sena along with him to save Muskaan. The goons get into a fight with Hanumanth and gang. Muskaan gets saved by Ronak once again. Ronak gets Muskaan back, while slapping Sir ji by his move again. Sir ji feels its tough to stop Ronak. He hurries to find Aarti. Sir ji tells Ronak that very soon he will find Aarti and get Muskaan under his control. Ronak also rushes to find Muskaan’s mother, so that Muskaan doesn’t get blackmailed by Sir ji.

Ishqbaaz Rudra feels guilty over his misdeeds… Shivay gives an assurance to Dadi that he will find Rudra and get him back before the Diwali Maha Aarti. He promises that they will be doing puja together this Diwali. He tells Dadi that Omkara and Rudra will be doing Aarti with him like always. He gives Dadi and Bhavya’s responsibility to Anika. He asks her to look after everyone in his absence. She gets glad when he behaves normal with her. She gives him a spiritual idol for good luck. She assures him that she will always support him. Bhavya gets information about the bookie Tony. Omkara tells Shivay that he will find Rudra.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Happy moments for Raman-Ishita… Raman and Ishita prepare for their daughters’ ceremonies. The family enjoys with Aaliya and Ruhi’s bangle rasam. Everyone blesses the girls for their life’s new start. Raman and Ishita get emotional. The family sings and dances together in Punjabi style. Raman stays stressed and hides the fact that he has given the company to Sudha. He wants Ishita to be happy. He also enjoys the function to the most. The family leave for the hotel, where they meet Rohan’s family. Raman wants the arrangements to be done well. Elders ask Raman not to have any tensions. Rohan calls Raman and complains about the Pagdi problem. Rohan tells Raman that he can’t come with the baraat until he gets Pagdi tied.

YRKKH: Suwarna decides to confront Dadi… Kartik and Naira get to see Samarth, who is attempting to hack Akhilesh’s laptop. Kartik gets angry on Samarth and goes on to confront him. Naira asks Kartik why is Samarth doing this. They reveal the password to Samarth. They ask Samarth to say the truth about his intentions. They don’t want to hear his silence. Kartik calls up Akhilesh to expose Samarth. Samarth gets really worried with Akhilesh comes there. Kartik and Naira reveal that Samarth was hacking his laptop. They ask Akhilesh to question Samarth. Akhilesh takes it very lightly.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:

Lovely acts good towards Kulfi. She encourages Kulfi to not feel insulted by the class students. She indirectly tells her that she won’t fit in Amyra’s school. She tells Kulfi that maybe the teachers won’t like her. She asks Kulfi not to do anything that upsets the principal. Lovely sends Kulfi. She asks Amyra to spoil Kulfi’s day so that her confidence breaks. Amyra doesn’t understand Lovely’s plan. She gets confused. Lovely tells her that she is fulfilling her motive by acting good. Lovely easily manipulates Kulfi.

Also Read, Krishna Chali London:

Krishna will be soon learning the evil side of Shukla’s elder brother Dadda/Bade Papa. She falls in his words when he acts sugary and starts Lali’s medical treatment. Krishna gets relieved that the house is in the right hands now. She doesn’t know that Dadda is worse than Shukla. Shukla has played evil, but while sticking to the limits of his decency. Dadda stoops lower. Krishna worries when she finds her passport lost. She didn’t imagine this could happen.

Dadda learns that Shukla’s wife has burnt the passport. He wanted Krishna away from the family, so that he can dominate the house. He scolds Shukla’s wife for burning the passport and stopping Krishna back. He angrily burns her hand. Krishna gets a huge shock on seeing Dadda’s cruel side. She rushes to save her mother-in-law. Krishna will be taking a stand to protect the family from evil Dadda.

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