Ishqbaaz: Shivay proposes a shocker for Anika

Ishqbaaz: Shivay proposes a shocker for Anika

Ishqbaaz: Shivay proposes a shocker for Anika… Shivay gets Rudra home. Bhavya gets worried for his injuries. Rudra tells them that he is absolutely fine and would never be involved in betting again. Dadi gets surprised with the brothers’ strong bond. Rudra realizes Shivay’s goodness. He forgives Shivay for taking a life, since Shivay has saved a life now. Anika gets happy for Shivay, when Dadi forgives Shivay. Dadi tells Shivay that he has to complete another surprise. Dadi asks him to perform the Diwali puja together. Shivay and his brothers conduct the puja at the same place. He unites the idols and temples. He doesn’t want any division of the house, idols or hearts. He tells them that there will be just one temple in the house.

Anika makes them place the idols and club everything. Omkara and Rudra join Shivay. They together perform Maha Aarti. Anika and Shivay get into a lovely moment when she decorates the house. Shivay wants to get away from her. He tries to make Anika jealous by flirting with Twinkle. Anika doesn’t care for his drama.

She enjoys his fun. Twinkle likes Shivay and Anika’s pairing a lot. The family celebrates Diwali happily. The couples also like their togetherness. Nani becomes a hurdle in Shivay and Anika’s bond. She gets Twinkle in between them. Shivay realizes that Anika has known her drama. He wants Anika to believe the drama, so that his plan works. He plans to shock Anika and break her heart. He asks Nani to announce his marriage with Twinkle and make them perform Diwali puja. Nani doesn’t want him to hurt Anika. He convinces her to support her. Anika gets hurt by the bangles. Shivay gets worried for her. Anika questions him over his decision to perform the puja with Twinkle. He hurts himself by hurting her heart. He feels Anika’s pain.

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