TR’s Hits: Know Upcoming On Star Plus

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TR’s Hits: Know Upcoming On Star Plus… Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa’s love conquers all odds… Kaushalya gets raging knowing about Raman and Ishita’s cheat. She insults them for always lying to them. Aaliya and Ruhi defend Raman and Ishita. Aaliya tells them that she has named her shares to Adi’s child. She takes the responsibility of everything. Ishita agrees to name the shares to Aaliya to sort the matter. Sudha makes an entry to shame Raman. Raman gets speechless when Sudha reveals that she is the owner of Bhalla company now, holding a majority of shares. She gets insulting Raman and Ishita. She reveals to Ishita that Raman is a helpless person now. Ishita doesn’t want to take any insult.

YRKKH brings a plethora of emotions over past… Samarth threatens Kartik and Naira openly. He tells them that he has come here just to take revenge, not love. He knows that the family can never love him. He asks them to wear their thinking caps and find out his motives if they can. He calls them incompetent and tells them that he will express everything to them. He open challenges them and tells them that he has come to ruin the Goenkas.

He tells them that they can’t cause any harm to him ever, since he has worked hard. He gives them the answer to their question regarding the past. He tells them that he was bored to play the game alone and its good if they join the game. He warns them that he will ruin his enemies and will never deter from his decision. He tells them that nobody can stop him and lower his courage.

Ishqbaaz presents special brotherly bond yet again… Shivay falls in trouble, but his brothers save him in time. Shivay escapes the accident. He gets grateful to his brothers. Rudra makes an apology to Shivay. Omkara gets happy that Rudra has finally changed towards Shivay. Bhavya finds Rudra emotional. She is happy that Rudra has realized his mistake. She tells him that she is liking his good change. She asks him to always remain the same. Oberois celebrate Diwali. Dadi and Nani make sure that everyone stays happy. Nani unwillingly hurts Anika. She asks Shivay and Twinkle to ignite the diya together. Anika feels she can’t witness this moment.

Mariam Khan:

Fawad gets angry that the minister cheated him in such a way. He is happy that nothing happened to Manjeet. Mariam tries to find the broken links. She learns that Rifat is the person who has ruined her life. She tells Biji that now she will not spare Rifat and make her pay for all the crimes. She lives with her family and learns Rifat’s tortures on them. Mariam wants to know Fawad’s past as well.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna and Radhe keep a fast for each other. This brings happiness in the family. Shukla’s wife gets new hopes that their relation will become more strong with time. She challenges Dadda that Krishna and Radhe’s love will defeat his evil. Shukla’s wife gives an open challenge to the new Raavan. Krishna gets upset knowing Radhe has risked his life for her sake. She breaks Radhe’s fast with much love. Radhe determines to send Krishna to London by arranging money for her studies.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Shocking Tevar to face his doom… Tevar asks his helpers to look after Kulfi until he comes. Amyra hurries to light the crackers. She reaches Kulfi and asks for Tevar. Kulfi asks Amyra to light the crackers. She waits for Amyra and doesn’t light first. Their neighbor friend comes there to burn some crackers. The kids enjoy, while Sikandar and Tevar meet in the Diwali party. Lovely witnesses her dad’s plan working. She just wants Tevar away so that her happy family doesn’t break. Amyra gets scared of the crackers burnt by the other kid. Kulfi finds the pets disturbed. Chadda provokes Tevar to play the card game.

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