Mariam Khan faces Majaaz’s shocking truth


Majaaz comes to meet Fawad at his office to threaten him. He doesn’t want Fawad to reveal his truth on the news channel. Fawad asks Majaaz to go ahead and kill him, but he won’t give the pen drive. He challenges the goons to kill him. Mariam Khan stops Majaaz and tells him that she is responsible for everything. She defends Fawad. She tells them that she has uploaded the content by mistake. She accepts her mistake. Mariam finally comes face to face with Majaaz. She recognizes him and cries. She gets threatened by him. She can’t believe that he has become a terrorist. She recalls that Majaaz has been a superhero for her always. She tells him that she has destroyed the pendrive.

She gets trapped. Majaaz and Fawad have a fight. Fawad faints down. Majaaz asks Mariam to go live on the channel. Mariam covers Majaaz’s news live. Majaaz passes the message to his group by the news channel. He admits his crimes and gives the interview to the media. He also reveals his face to the media and people.

Mariam stumbles on hearing him. She was not accepting the truth till now. Majaaz doesn’t realize that she is Mariam. She asks him the reason for committing the crimes. He thanks her for supporting him. He protects her like always and goes away. She wishes him to come back.

Mariam slips in shock and recalls Majaaz. Madiha and Meher stay worried for Mariam. They learn the truth that Manjeet is Mariam. Aijaz asks the doctor what happened to Mariam. Doctor tells him that she is fine and just had an emotional breakdown, she will get conscious in some time. Madiha regrets that she didn’t meet Majaaz. She wishes Majaaz returns to the family if he has come to the city. The family wants Majaaz with them. Mariam gets conscious. She fears that she can’t answer the family about Majaaz. She hides Majaaz’s ugly truth from the family.

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