Yeh Rishta SHOCKING NEXT: Dark Diwali for Goenkas

Yeh Rishta SHOCKING NEXT: Dark Diwali for Goenkas

Yeh Rishta SHOCKING NEXT: Dark Diwali for Goenkas.. Kartik wishes Akhilesh limits his anger and thinks of something with his senses. Samarth is behind the entire conspiracy. Samarth tells Kartik that this Diwali will be dark one for Goenkas. Kartik stays clueless about Samarth’s entire plan, but understands that Samarth is trapping them. He wants to know the motive of Samarth’s wrath and revenge. Akhilesh breaks everyone’s heart. He makes everyone wear garlands with love and then brings a storm in the family by his accusations. He doesn’t wish Manish to rule over his life again. He asks his sons to pack up their bags and get ready to leave. Samarth drives Akhilesh’s anger.

Samarth and Akhilesh have their own reasons to oppose Manish. Samarth employs Akhilesh in his plans. Akhilesh learns some truth about Manish. He gets tricked by Samarth. He finds Manish in bad light. He calls it a day and claims his rights.

Yeh Rishta SHOCKING NEXT: Dark Diwali for Goenkas

Samarth makes Manish and Akhilesh fight once again. Akhilesh’s huge drama upsets everyone in the family. Samarth supports Akhilesh and Surekha, while Kartik and Naira support Goenka family. Samarth had come with a motive to divide Manish-Akhilesh and rule. Akhilesh vents out anger on the entire family. He gets insulting them to give it back to them. Manish feels Akhilesh is driven by someone else. He doubts on Samarth.

Akhilesh tells them that their relationships are dead now, he won’t return to them again. This brings darkness in the family on the eve of Diwali. Dadi never thought that her sons raised with immense values will part ways in such a way. She cries for the house partition. Dadi tells Manish that she was afraid for the family breaking. Kartik and Naira get stubborn to stop Akhilesh. Kartik got it confirmed that Samarth is behind it. He wants to know the past so that he can help the family. Akhilesh doesn’t understand that Samarth is instigating this rift in the family.

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