TR’s Hits: Know Upcoming on Star Plus

Star Plus

TR’s Hits: Know Upcoming on Star Plus… Muskaan: Sir ji visits Jaya’s house. He has married even Jaya. He has a daughter with her. Sir ji guesses that there is someone else in his house. His daughter hides Aarti on Jaya’s saying. Aarti gets saved from Sir ji once again. Ronak learns that Sir ji isn’t at home. He wants to know if Sir ji has gone in search of Aarti. Ronak knows about Sir ji’s other family. He hides the truth from Gayatri.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Panicking moment for Tevar… Tevar tries hard to sing and earn money. He wants to arrange good funds for raising Kulfi. He sings the song. He faces much trouble at the recording. The director scolds him for not giving his best. Tevar delivers his best talents, but the director doesn’t acknowledge it. Tevar faces the humiliation. He gets an urgent call. He wants to go and pick Kulfi from school. The director doesn’t allow him to attend his problems. He commands Tevar not to leave the recording midway. Tevar gets into a fight with the director when he can’t take it anymore. On the other hand, Amyra shares her day’s tales with Sikandar.

Ishqbaaz: Anika’s mixed surprises for Shivay… Shivay receives a shocking call from Tej. Roop manipulates him. Shivay suspects that Rudra is trying to prove him insane. He feels Rudra has apologized, and can’t back stab him again. Gauri gets angered on Shivay for deciding to divorce Anika. She feels Anika’s pain. She asks Omkara to explain Shivay that he can’t mock the marriage this way. She suggests him to stop Shivay. Gauri threatens Omkara that she will also do the same as Anika and oppose him. She wants someone to put sense in Shivay’s mind. Moreover, Shivay gets investigating about the culprit who is driving him mad. He gets more clues about Rudra. He learns that Rudra is the one who has tried to hurt his mental health.

YRKKH: Samarth’s secret past revenge revealed… Samarth goes away from Goenka house for time being. Manish tries to help out Samarth. Kartik and Naira find the family in tension. They realize that Samarth has already done the damage. Samarth orders the inspector to let Manish beg to him first before the release. Akhilesh rushes to help Samarth. He feels Manish is behind everything. Kartik and Naira don’t realize Samarth’s entire plan. Samarth gets released. Akhilesh gets him home. Kartik tries to tell Akhilesh about Samarth. Akhilesh blasts his anger on Manish. He tells Manish that he has failed in his clever plans. He feels insulted in front of Manish. He scolds Manish for making such a cheap plan against him. He doesn’t let Kartik and Naira come between them.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita can’t believe that Sudha can fall to this extent. Ishita learns Raman has gone alone to save Rohan and Karan. She feels even Raman’s life is in danger. Ishita tells Simmi that she will also go to save Raman. Simmi hopes they are fine. Sudha creates much drama to get some entertainment. She asks Raman to save his sons-in-law. She tells Raman that she has already warned Rohan and Karan, and they didn’t listen to her. She reveals that she will hurt him by hurting his daughters. Raman asks her to let Rohan and Karan go. Sudha tries to strike a deal with Raman again. She asks him to agree to her tasks if he wants to save them. Raman gets compelled by Sudha. She makes fun of Raman and makes him run like a puppet. Ishita too worries for Rohan and Karan. Sudha tortures Ishita in a different way. Sudha tries to ruin Raman and Ishita.

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