TR’s Hits: Know Upcoming On Star Plus

Star Plus

TR’s Hits: Know Upcoming On Star Plus… YRKKH: Samarth misleads Kartik and Naira that the trouble is coming up for Manish. Kartik gets aimed at saving Manish. Little does he know that Samarth has other plans in mind. Naksh and Kirti try to sort their differences. He makes an apology to her. He tells her that he has understood the matter really well when Suwarna explained him. She asks him to apologize to Kartik. Lav and Kush enjoy their birthday party and the gifts. They show their unity and try to teach Akhilesh too. Akhilesh blames Manish for having greed for power and money. He tells them that he has to make a move so that he doesn’t suffer because of Manish. Akhilesh feels Manish is wrong. He doesn’t realize his mistake.

Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika’s stern clash… Anika calls Twinkle’s lover home. She tells Twinkle that she has spotted them together and learnt their love story. She asks Twinkle to keep her love for Chintu. Anika tells her that she has called Chintu home for her sake. Twinkle tells Anika that she regards Shivay as her brother. She apologizes to Anika for doing the drama on Aruna’s saying. Anika gets glad with it. Shivay gets stubborn and wants Anika out some how. Roop prepares a shocker for him. Shivay gets traumatized on hearing Tej’s voice. He wonders who is doing this. He tries to find out and gets a voice recorder. Shivay turns normal when the lights get on. He gets suspecting on Rudra for this dirty trick. Rudra bumps into him.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely lays thorns for Tevar-Kulfi… Lovely and Chadda start troubling Kulfi and Tevar. Lovely gets smiling on seeing Kulfi’s sadness. She doesn’t listen to Kulfi and ignores her. She focusses on Amyra. Kulfi waits for Tevar so that she gets help to finish her homework. Tevar gets upset when he runs out of work. He doesn’t get any help from the music directors. He gets worried. Kulfi reaches Amyra to take help for finishing her homework. Amyra wants to help her. She comes in Lovely’s words and doesn’t help Kulfi. She asks Kulfi to leave and not trouble her. Amyra’s move brings Kulfi more closer to Sikandar. Kulfi seeks help from Sikandar. He helps her in finishing her homework. Amyra doesn’t want Sikandar to be with Kulfi.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Sudden troubles for Anurag-Prerna… Anurag tells Prerna that he is much concerned for her and wants to stop the marriage, since she is related to him now. She sheds tears and doesn’t answer him. He tells her that he understands even her silence. He urges her to support him. Mohini and entire family faces the tough time when the robbers attack on them. Anurag and Prerna have a moment when he shares her pain. The robbers take away all the jewelry and costly things from everyone. Mohini gets robbed. She turns helpless. Navin tells Prerna’s family that Prerna is with Anurag. Her family wishes that she stays fine. Mohini worries for her son.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman tells Ishita that he is going to pick Aaliya and Ruhi for Pagphere ritual. Raman gets the urgent call from office. He gets upset knowing about Sudha creating a havoc in the office. He tells everyone that Sudha has called the shareholders meeting. Simmi and Ishita want to support Raman, since they also hold some shares of the company. Sudha gets insulting Raman at the office. She wants Raman’s junk to be thrown out of her cabin. Ishita teaches a lesson to Sudha and makes her realize that Raman still holds a big amount of shares. She tells Sudha that Raman has made the entire company on his own.

Sudha tells Ishita that she can even throw out Raman from the company. Raman asks Simmi and Ishita to stay cool. He is sure that Sudha can’t earn the respect equal to him. Sudha asks him to get lost with his stuff and respect. Sudha wants Raman to get ruined.

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