Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara-Kabeer’s relation revives

Ishq SubhanAllah Upcoming: Zara keen to reform Kabeer

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara-Kabeer’s relation revives… Zara and Kabeer have returned home from Mumbai. She doesn’t want their work ethics issues to come in between their lovely relation. Zara romances Kabeer. They both bring surprises for each other. They recall the time spent together. They go down the memory lane and talk about their beautiful moments. Zara gets surprised seeing their reception pictures. She wants to start a new life with Kabeer. She lets him return to their room. She tells him that they can stay together now. They make new love vows. She welcomes Kabeer back in the room with rose petals. She shows the moon reflection in water to Kabeer.

She tells him that the moon is a witness of their vows and togetherness. Kabeer gets emotional. Ruksar has become mentally ill. She becomes a child mentally. She troubles the family by putting her life in risk.

Zeenat shouts on seeing Ruksar’s madness. Kabeer and Zara’s moment breaks on hearing the screams. They find Ruksar in trouble again. Ruksar climbs at the window. She tells everyone that she is going to Kabeer’s room. Kabeer tries to help Ruksar. Kabeer and family quickly arrange a mattress so that Ruksar falls over that and doesn’t get hurt. Kabeer gets Ruksar down safely. Zeenat wants to send Ruksar away. Zara stops Zeenat from sending Ruksar. Zeenat tells Zara that she wants Ruksar’s safety first.

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