Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: A shock for Sikandar and Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: A shock for Sikandar and Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: A shock for Sikandar and Kulfi… Kulfi learns about Tevar’s financial crisis. She cries that his career got ruined. Kulfi gets stressed before the tests. She gives her best in the test. She worries for Tevar. She gets diverted while answering the questions. She tells the teachers that her hand burnt while saving her books. She wants to be true like always. She goes for the tests when the principal supports her. Kulfi gains confidence to save her admission in the school. Principal shows belief in Kulfi. She asks the teacher to take Kulfi’s oral test since her hand is injured. She wants to decide if Kulfi passes the test or not.

Kulfi answers the questions with a calm mind. She clears the test. On the other hand, Sikandar wonders why is Amyra fearing to lose him, when she doesn’t know that she isn’t his daughter. He wants to explain Amyra that she will always be his princess. Sikandar gets a call from the school. He rushes to know if Kulfi is fine. He gets a shock when he hears a complaint about Amyra.

Principal tells Sikandar about Amyra, whose performance is falling. Lovely had planned this to make Sikandar realize that he failed as a father. Amyra keeps numb. Principal tells him that its his mistake that he didn’t prepare his daughter for the test. Sikandar doesn’t get affected by Amyra’s failure. He gets keen to know about Kulfi’s result. Principal tells him that Kulfi cleared the tests. Amyra turns insecure and runs away from the principal office. Sikandar asks her why is she so upset. Amyra tells him that he is neglecting her once again. Kulfi feels she has passed because of Sikandar, but Amyra got away from him again. He is sure that he can handle both the girls.

He asks her to go and give the good news to Tevar. Sikandar gets busy in work. He asks Kulfi to meet Tevar. He drops her home. He wants to meet Tevar and congratulate him for Kulfi’s success. Kulfi finds Tevar vacating the house. She receives a big shock with Tevar’s bankruptcy. The bank seizes the house when Tevar fails to pay the loan. Sikandar tries to convince Amyra. He doesn’t know about Tevar and Kulfi’s sorrow.

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