Silsila: Call for Mauli and Kunal’s destiny

Silsila: Call for Mauli and Kunal's destiny

Silsila: Call for Mauli and Kunal’s destiny… Mauli feels guilty when she learns about Nandini’s demise. She recollects how she has cursed Nandini before. She forgives Nandini by her heart. She reveals this shocking news to Radhika and Dida. She sheds tears for Nandini. Radikha and Dida get emotional and worry for Pari. Mauli goes to the temple with Ishaan to pray for Nandini. Kunal and Pari happen to be there. Kunal makes prayers for Nandini’s soul peace on her death anniversary. Mauli gets to see Kunal’s immense sorrow. Her misconception about Kunal and Nandini’s happy family breaks. She cries out for her best friend’s death.

Ishaan learns about Mauli and Kunal’s past relationship. He supports Mauli like always. He doesn’t want Kunal to return in their lives. He asks Mauli never to reveal Mishti and Kunal’s relation to Kunal.

Silsila: Call for Mauli and Kunal’s destiny

Ishaan promises Dida that he will take the family’s responsibility and not let Kunal come back. He promises that he won’t let Mishti know the truth that Kunal is her father. He tells them that he will become Mishti’s father and keep her happy. He doesn’t want Mauli to change the marriage decision. Dida doesn’t want Mauli and Ishaan’s relationship to spoil.

She senses Ishaan’s annoyance on Kunal. Ishaan hates Kunal knowing Kunal had cheated Mauli. Ishaan reminds Mauli and family how Kunal has abandoned them for someone’s sake. He doesn’t want them to forgive Kunal ever. He praises Kunal’s family for giving so much love to Mauli. He feels proud of them for ending ties with Kunal for supporting Mauli. He becomes Dida’s son. He tells Dida that he will never back stab their trust like Kunal did. He wants to keep Mauli happy forever and ever. Dida supports Ishaan over Kunal.

Silsila: Call for Mauli and Kunal’s destiny

Mauli goes to the Dargah where she used to go with Nandini. Mauli feels restless and recollects her life’s journey with Nandini and Kunal. Kunal visits the same place to pray for Nandini. He meets Mauli. They have a conversation about Nandini. Ishaan finds Mauli with Kunal. He gets insecure seeing them together. He leaves from the place with anger. Mauli and Kunal have no feelings for each other.

There is no love, friendship and hatred between them. Mauli doesn’t forgive Kunal easily. She holds him responsible for ruining her life. Mauli melts her heart just for Nandini’s loss. She wonders how is Kunal managing his life and Pari’s responsibility all alone. Ishaan gets a misunderstanding, which draws him distant from Mauli. Mauli feels bad for Pari, who is getting raised by a single parent. She knows Pari’s need of a mother. Ishaan wants to get his marriage with Mauli on fast track. Mauli finds hard to take her life’s big decision. Kunal and Mauli’s destiny brings them together again.

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