Yeh Rishta: New twists with Re-unions and Re-entries

Yeh Rishta Kya Upcoming Shockers and Surprises

Yeh Rishta: New twists with Re-unions and Re-entries… There is much drama because of Samarth. Samarth has openly initiated the war in the Goenka family. He has succeeded to break the family and lay its partition. He wants to ruin Goenkas. Kartik and Naira love their family and want to keep them united. They want to expose Samarth’s revenge plans.

Samarth wants Dadi to accept her mistakes and repent. Dadi asks Samarth not to target her family. Kartik and Naira try to expose Samarth’s evil intentions in front of Akhilesh. They tell Akhilesh and Surekha how Samarth is ruining their family. Kartik fails to provide the evidence against Samarth. This infuriates Akhilesh, who vents out anger on Kartik. Manish takes a stand for his son. He asks Akhilesh to at least believe in his own upbringing. He reminds how Akhilesh has raised Kartik.

He scolds Akhilesh for hurting Kartik. Dadi fears that Manish has also stood against Akhilesh now. She sees her family breaking. Manish and Akhilesh have a clash for justice and rights. Samarth enjoys the sight. Akhilesh doesn’t get convinced by Manish. Kartik and Naira get disheartened seeing Manish’s humiliation.

Yeh Rishta: New twists

Manish doesn’t want Samarth to come between them. Manish shows Samarth his place. He tells Akhilesh about the past relation and bitter terms with Samarth’s family. He warns Samarth for not taking advantage of their family issues. He tells Samarth that nobody has the courage to shatter Goenkas apart. Dadi thinks its time that she speaks up and reveals the past to the family. Dadi feels guilty that Samarth’s father died because of her mistake. She holds herself responsible for the accident.

Manish tries hard to convince Akhilesh by showering love on him. He is ready to bear any punishment by Akhilesh. Manish wishes Akhilesh’s annoyance to end. He doesn’t want Samarth to employ Akhilesh in his revenge. Dadi gets stunned when she finds Samarth succeeding. She puts a stop to Samarth’s revenge, after realizing his true intentions behind invading their family. She makes an apology to Samarth. She begs him to spare her family. She tells everyone that Samarth has come for revenge, but she doesn’t want the history to repeat itself. She requests Samarth not to repeat his dad’s mistake.

Yeh Rishta: New twists

She wants him to punish only her, not her family. Dadi collapses down. Manish reveals his dad and uncle’s past, while Samarth fuels hatred in Akhilesh’s mind again. Manish tells Kartik and Naira how his uncle/Samarth’s dad rebelled and broke the family. Samarth tells Akhilesh that his dad has gone through a lot of injustice and trauma. Manish reveals how his dad has passed away while dealing with the family troubles.

Samarth tells Akhilesh that he has witnessed the shocking incident when his dad Avdesh passed away after his clash with Dadi. Dadi blames herself as she has cursed Avdesh to die. Kartik and Naira realize that Samarth wants revenge, since he is mistaken that Dadi is responsible for Avdesh’s death. Naira tells Kartik that they have to clear Samarth’s misunderstanding and heal the wounds of his heart by love. They gear up to end Samarth’s hatred. Suwarna guides Kartik and Naira for reforming Samarth, and bringing him back in the family as Goenka son. Suwarna tells them that no misunderstanding shall make place in their household now.

After learning the entire story, Kartik and Naira decide to explain the importance of family to Samarth. They don’t want revenge to blind up Samarth. They wish Samarth gets to see the real goodness of the Goenka family by keeping his revenge aside.

Yeh Rishta: New twists

Kartik and Naira get ready to deceive Samarth. They take disguise of opposite gender. They reach the pub to play cards with Samarth and defeat him. They learn that Samarth has taken Akhilesh and Surekha there. He doesn’t want Samarth to target Akhilesh again. Kartik and Naira start trapping Samarth in their words.

Samarth doesn’t recognize them. Akhilesh isn’t able to understand Samarth’s plan. Kartik and Naira are trying to open Akhilesh’s eyes. Naira starts badmouthing about Manish, so that Samarth and Akhilesh believe her. Naira tells Akhilesh that she has spoken to Manish about buying the ancestral haveli, but Manish isn’t keen to sell it. She offers a big price for the haveli. She wants Akhilesh to value the haveli as well. She wants to fail Samarth’s plan to sell off the haveli.

Kartik and Naira come up with an idea to re-unite the families, so that Samarth knows their love and bonding. Kartik and Naira call the old relations back in their lives. Gayu returns in Kartik’s life. Samarth plans to use Gayu in breaking Kartik and Naira’s strong bond of marriage. Samarth will be employing Gayu against Naira. How will Kartik and Naira deal with Samarth’s new evil ploy? Keep reading.

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