Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Fun begins with Bhallas’ batting

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Fun drama begins with Bhallas' batting

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Fun drama begins with Bhallas’ batting… Ishita prepares Aaliya and Ruhi for taking revenge from their spoilt husbands. Ishita calls police home when Rohan and Karan create a new mess in Bhalla house. Inspector stops Rohan from harassing Bhallas. She blames Rohan for domestic violence. She tells inspector that Rohan has bashed her up. Even Ruhi blames Karan for physical abuse. Inspector scolds Rohan and Karan for harassing their wives.

He says you both aren’t man enough since you raised hand on women, I m really angered when I find women tortured. He beats up Rohan and Karan. Karan tells him that Aaliya has slapped herself in front of Ishita. Raman says look at him, he is so ill-mannered, he is insulting us, what can we expect from him. Aaliya plays a drama.

She asks Rohan and Karan not to lie. She wants Rohan to accept his mistake. She asks Rohan not to blame her family. Rohan asks why are you lying to police. Aaliya asks Inspector not to arrest her husband, she doesn’t want him to bear torture in lockup.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Fun begins with Bhallas’ batting

She says Rohan loses control in anger sometimes, he shouldn’t get punished. She asks Rohan to tell inspector that he won’t beat her again. Rohan says I will never do this again. Karan stops Aaliya from slapping Rohan. Inspector asks Aaliya to slap Rohan hard. Aaliya apologizes to Rohan that she has to slap him. She gives him a tight slap. Inspector says now Rohan will always remember this lesson.

He asks Bhallas to protect their daughters. Mihika then troubles Rohan and Karan, and asks them to throw their bags outside the house. Raman and Simmi tell Rohan and Karan that their servants don’t wear such cheap clothes like them. They give away the clothes to watchman. Rohan says its a costly suit. Raman asks Rohan to arrange new clothes for himself. Bhallas want to teach a lesson to Rohan and Karan for the fraud done with them. Raman asks Rohan and Karan to stay as the house servants if they want to avoid the arrest. Rohan and Karan get helpless and agree to them. Raman and Ishita want to explain them what damage they have done by breaking their trust.

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