Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar turns furious on Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar turns furious on Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar turns furious on Sikandar… Sikandar misses to see Tevar and Kulfi. Tevar’s plight gets high. He tells Kulfi that he had tried to contact Sikandar for help, but didn’t get any. He doesn’t want to beg to someone. He tells Kulfi that he is trying to get up on his own. Kulfi pacifies him seeing his plight. She tells him that they can together find some way. Lovely tells Bebe that she will just do everything for Amyra. She doesn’t want to have any emotions for Kulfi. She tells Bebe that she doesn’t want Kulfi to come back home. Sikandar tries to track Tevar. He learns that Tevar isn’t at the common places where he usually goes. He checks the cool hangouts.

He wonders where did Tevar go with Kulfi. Tevar misses to find his friend. He doesn’t get any help. He tells Kulfi that the place is locked and its like their fate got sealed. He feels bad to wander in the city with her. Kulfi prays for Tevar, that his problems come to an end. He apologizes to her. He feels he didn’t succeed in keeping her safe and happy. He tells her that he has no money.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar turns furious on Sikandar

She tells him that she isn’t scared, she doesn’t care for money, since she has him with her. She doesn’t want him to know that he isn’t her real dad. She doesn’t wish to abandon him. Bebe prays that Sikandar finds Kulfi, since he can’t live without her. She wants Sikandar and Kulfi to get together again. Sikandar feels shattered with the thought of losing Kulfi. Tevar and Kulfi find a shelter. Kulfi sleeps for a while. She wakes up hearing Sikandar’s song. She thinks if she is imagining him. She sees Sikandar’s video song on the tv screen. She gets glad seeing him singing. The moment brings joy for him. This infuriates Tevar. He feels Sikandar has stolen his song. He gets angry to confront Sikandar for the fraud.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar turns furious on Sikandar

He thinks this song could have saved his career, but Sikandar took advantage of his friendship. He wants Sikandar to give him an answer. He hides the truth from Kulfi, since she may get upset. She questions him about his sorrow. He tells her that Sikandar has stolen his song. He proves to her that he is the lyricist of the song. Sikandar returns home empty-handed. He tells Bebe that he is afraid to lose Tevar and Kulfi.

Lovely asks Amyra to bond with Sikandar in such a time. Amyra apologizes to Sikandar. He asks her not to get jealous with Kulfi again. Kulfi explains Tevar that Sikandar can never steal someone’s song and talent. She defends Sikandar. Lovely and Chadda get glad that they succeeded in sending Tevar and Kulfi away. Lovely’s new plotting gets known to Sikandar. What will Sikandar do to save Tevar and Kulfi? Keep reading.

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