Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Aaliya and Ruhi’s bold move next

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Aaliya and Ruhi's bold move next

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Aaliya and Ruhi’s bold move next… Aaliya and Ruhi follow Ishita’s instructions and give shockers to Rohan and Karan. They get baraat and palanquin for Rohan and Karan. Aaliya and Ruhi get dressed with Pagdis and Sehra. They make an entry in the party, riding the horses. Bhallas bring the baraat for Rohan and Karan. Aaliya and Ruhi show the dogs’ collar to tie up their husbands. They tell Sudha that now she will make their husbands their puppets. She declare that they will get Rohan and Karan with them to their home. Sudha didn’t expect this to happen. She asks Ishita what’s happening.

Ishita tells Sudha that she can’t fail her daughters. She praises her daughters and empowers them for fighting for her rights. Sudha tells Ishita that Rohan and Karan have filed the divorce. She asks them to get lost.

Ishita shows the clause in the divorce papers, that Rohan and Karan have to put efforts to save the marriage. She tells Sudha that Rohan and Karan will have to stay with them now. Ishita compels Rohan and Karan to come with them, if they want to avoid the arrest. Rohan and Karan turn helpless to accompany Bhallas. Raman, Ishita and their daughters turn Rohan and Karan into servants. Aaliya and Ruhi refuse to give divorce to Rohan and Karan.

They start torturing Rohan and Karan. The entire family want to make Rohan and Karan realize their mistake of mocking marriage for their revenge. They start teaching big lessons to Sudha’s spoilt brats. Rohan and Karan face a tough time. They agree to stay back in Bhalla house and bear the insult just to get the divorce. Rohan is asked to sleep in the kitchen. He gets troubled by the cockroaches. Karan asks Rohan to leave everything and come. Rohan tells him that they can’t run away. Raman wants them to understand the meaning of marriage. He wants them to repent for breaking their wives’ heart and trust.

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