YHM: Dance face-off highlights IshRa’s battle

Raman Ishita pop a smart strategy in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YHM: Dance face-off highlights IshRa’s battle.. Bhallas learn about the new challenge thrown by Sudha. They get strong to go and attend the Diwali party. They get prepared to face Sudha’s tricks. Ishita tells them that their bad time will pass, it will be joyful moment when their employees get the Diwali bonus. They attend the party and meet Sudha, who welcomes them well. Sudha tells them that she won’t give away the bonus so easily. Rohan and Karan find chances to hurt Aaliya and Ruhi’s hearts. They await the moment when Sudha tortures them more. Aaliya and Ruhi wish to leave from the party. They stay back for the sake of Ishita. Sudha tells Raman that Ishita would need to win a dance face-off if she wants the workers to get their bonus. Raman doesn’t let Sudha have her ways. He asks Sudha not to dare challenge them.

Ishita accepts Sudha’s dance challenge. She wants the employees to get their rights. Sudha tells Ishita that she will make her pay back for her misdeeds. She is sure to make Ishita lose. Sudha and Kaushalya get troubling Ishita. Ishita finds confidence in herself because of her family. They ask her not to be nervous and think of the employees’ families. Later, Ishita and Sudha meet in the dance face-off.

Ishita gets leading, which Sudha doesn’t tolerate. She cheats and hurts Ishita so that she wins the competition. Ishita falls on the dance floor and ends up getting hurt. Raman understands Ishita’s failure, which happened because of Sudha. Sudha pities Ishita for losing to her like always. She refuses to compensate to the losing team. She asks Raman and Ishita to get lost with their defeat. She turns down her promise.

YHM: Dance face-off highlights IshRa’s battle

Raman feels sorrowful that he failed to give the salaries to his employees. Sudha doesn’t budge even when he begs her for helping his staff. Sudha keeps on new conditions to add up their troubles. Raman turns helpless to accept all her conditions. He makes the same mistake again while behaving impulsively. He gets ready to sell his total shares. Ishita doesn’t want Raman to give everything away to Sudha.

She tells him that he should think of the dire consequences. Sudha asks Ishita not to lecture Raman. The family stops Raman from signing the papers. Even the employees want Raman to lead them. They ask Raman not to give away the company to someone else. They get ready to work without the salaries and bonus. The staff fills some confidence in Raman. Raman decides to fight back.

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