YRKKH: Super-dramatic twists mark a new chapter

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YRKKH: Super-dramatic twists mark a new chapter… Kartik, Naira and Manish try hard to save Akhilesh’s life. Samarth enjoys the sight and awaits Akhilesh’s death. He gets a bad surprise on seeing Kartik following Akhilesh’s car to save him. Samarth doesn’t want Akhilesh to get saved. He wants Manish to lose his brother. He wants to fulfill his revenge. Kartik and Manish ask Akhilesh to jump down the car on time, so that he gets saved. They make some arrangements by putting dry grass to save Akhilesh from the speeding car. Akhilesh jumps off the car and gets saved. This annoys Samarth further. The Goenkas get happy that Akhilesh got saved. Manish unites with Akhilesh. He asks Akhilesh not to feel guilty, as its not his mistake. They get another shock when they see Samarth speeding the car towards them. Samarth’s plan fails when he meets with an accident.

Meanwhile, Goenkas get a huge shock when Samarth’s accident. They fear that Samarth could die in the accident. Kartik and Naira stop the family from going towards the car. Dadi tells them that Samarth is paying for his misdeeds. She cries for Samarth. Kartik and Naira find Samarth struggling inside the burning car. They break bounds of the people and run to help Samarth. They show humanity and selfless values once again. Samarth’s heart changes with their move. Their move melts Samarth’s hatred.

They win Samarth by saving his life. Kartik and Naira get Samarth to the family. Akhilesh gets relieved that they are fine. He vents anger on Samarth for cheating him, breaking him from family and also putting his life in danger. He confronts Samarth. He doesn’t want to forgive Samarth. Samarth feels guilty, since he owes his life to Goenkas now. Manish asks Akhilesh to forget the past.

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Moreover, he forgives Akhilesh. He shows a big heart and forgives Samarth as well. Samarth breaks down into tears seeing the brotherly love. Dadi gets happy that her family didn’t shatter. Manish tells Samarth that if he regards Dadi as his dad’s murderer, even then the scores got equal since Kartik and Naira saved his life. He asks Samarth to end his hatred and enmity. He wants Samarth out of their lives. Kartik and Naira defend Samarth and tell them that everyone is at fault in this case like Samarth. They remind Akhilesh his mistakes. He asks Manish and Akhilesh to accept Samarth heartily.

They forgive Samarth for his mistakes. They believe Samarth isn’t bad. They give a chance to Samarth to become a part of their family, over the option of his enmity. Samarth becomes part of Goenka family by accepting their love. He feels shattered with guilt. Manish and Akhilesh forgive Samarth. Dadi too accepts him as her other son. The family celebrates festive together. They find love, happiness and care in their house again. Dadi wants to celebrate Diwali with them. Kartik and Naira forget to get Diwali gift for each other. Their cute moment follows.

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